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  • tmacker tmacker Nov 30, 2005 5:28 PM Flag

    It's been a fun ride, but...

    I'm out at US$46.12 today...

    The tax abrogation plus the volatility just don't make this as attractive as it once was, but I'm happy with my 300% return...

    best of luck to all who choose to stay on..

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    • Are you leaving the sector with generated funds from the sale or have you found another horse to ride?

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      • <<Are you leaving the sector with generated funds from the sale or have you found another horse to ride? >>

        Leaving the energy sector: will be moving into muni bond funds selling at a discount to NAV, yielding over 6.5%, tax-advantaged, and currently depressed in a rising interest rate environment with a flattening yield curve.
        I expect to average down as they suffer from the next ( last? ) few rate hikes.
        Similar reasoning for the other targets to average down into: REIT funds ( Cohen & Steers Rxx ) and selected individual REITs like NNN, TSY, and RAS, buying in over time on price pullbacks.

        In both of these sectors there are fundamentally sound underlying assets: local gov't bonds with coupons pledged by 'full faith & credit', and real estate...about the most 'tangible' asset Mark Twain said, "they ain't makin' any more!"

        Not touting any of these: standard disclaimers apply, DYODD, PPINGOFR, YMMV, BLSH, BAH, etc.

      • Let's not get into a trader vs. long discussion here. While I think phoenix has a point about trying to pick some shares up at a lower price point for a dollar-cost averaging game, it isn't one that should be played by long-term investors except on substantial swings. Attempting to sell at 46 just to hope to buy it back at 43 is a trader's game, not an investor's. I'll admit, I'm a b.s. trader, who only plays the long side to date because I just don't have the bank to play both sides, yet. I'm a student who's wife makes the dough and use it to make more... my studies suffer because of it, but damn its fun.

        Canroys are a fantastic income investment and before the volatility in this sector these boards were dominated by steady-handed longs who knew their $hit and read every page of those crazy long reports. Now the traders and mo-mo players are here to try to outsmart the market's volatility. Traders should not be criticizing longs for taking short term profits, if you think its the top, and I mean the final top (52 week high... thats as far out as I can imagine :), then say so and stick buy it. No need to criticize those making a living off these things... for one, they've done better than just about any trader over the past 3 years!!!

    • ...bought 9/26/2001 for US$14.95...

      couldn't resist the temptation to quit while I'm ahead...

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