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  • prepnet prepnet Nov 2, 2006 6:19 PM Flag

    my email to Flaherty

    To quote a famous lawyer in the McCarthy hearings (USA) of 53 years ago, �have you no shame?� You blatantly misrepresented your position to the Canadians and the Americans on trust taxation while you were campaigning.

    You have now destroyed the chance of the Canroys to raise serious money, which, of course, is needed to extended their RSI and pay attractive dividends.

    Not only did you screw the Trusts, you screwed the investors, many of whom are LIVING on the dividends from Canroys.

    You also persuaded Americans that even the Tories are socialists. If a extremely prominent Canadian industry, like O&G, cannot trust the Tories, if the investors (many of whom are retirees) can�t trust the Tories, and if the Americans (who already think the Canadians are a bit Bolshy anyway!) can�t trust the Tories�.then who will want to invest in Canada?

    I pray the Oil and Gas lobby is all over you, Harper, and the Parliament..resulting in you all being thrown out of office, or, at the very least, to have the proposal defeated

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