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  • get_lucky_now get_lucky_now Jan 1, 2012 12:54 PM Flag

    Straight of Hormuz

    someone explain to me again, why the USA will not support a pipeline to Canada versus buying oil from an unstable area like the mid-east?

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    • It's not the USA but only our elected leader. If we continue down this road by reelecting this president the Republic will be destroyed and we stupid voters will deserve our fate. As one French philosopher (Voltaire ?) said: Democracy will work until the politicians realize they can bribe the voters with their own money.

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      • Since oil supposedly has be found in ND and there is a need for the pipeline to go to Texas for the refineries from Alberta, why not build refineries in ND where it is sparsely populated and save the transportation cost and environmental problem in Nebraska. We cannot afford to let the Can. oil to go to China. Meanwhile, I forsee Obama being reelected because he is doing everything to show the dumb voters in this country he is so great. 1. soldiers out of mid east 2.employment rising? rates stabilizing? 4.more gov't agencies to employ more minorities more rights 6. catering to the poor 7. dumbing down education 8. military will probably be leaving Afganistan just before election. He did promise change and he fulfilled his promise. However the change certainly did not help this country. jmho

      • The pipeline will get built. It just makes sense to do it in the least environmentally offensive way and if that takes a little extra time, its time well spent. As with most things, Obama takes some time to fully consider an issue and does his homework before rushing to judgment like the last f%$^ing as#$%^&, George W. Bush was the worst president in our history and it will take a long time to dig out the ditch he dug.

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