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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 14, 2013 2:20 AM Flag

    Sell into strength

    Then warn others and don't look back, PIMCO after all these years has not and will not admit there is collusion going on at all levels in their funds; If they won't admit it, then how on earth will the correct it? They are not interested in punishing colluding brokers.

    Just saying every day now we have a new case coming out and perhaps the pseudo journalists will start rising before they are completely called out as GARBAGE journalists, which they turly are.

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    • just lost 5 mos. of dividends in one day? capital preservation, where? lies.

    • So they have stopped enought people out and read to spread the profit ?

      Capital preservation or stabitlity is not the name to this stock.

      Bill please buy a dictionary and then sit your staff around you and read them the definition and then ask them to use it in a sentence! Thanks.

    • june 14th $10.58 pps
      current $10.13 at this rate capital wiped out is the equivalent of almost a half a year!!! YIKES!!!

      is PIMCO finally being exposed as being nothing more then FEE MONGERS?

      Is Bill Gross and his team so disconnected and inept?

      You pay for ineptness and poor performance?

      Men with over $2B really care if their investors fail or succeed with their investors?

      Is PIMCO trustworthy and competent?

    • google or yahoo this...

      "Yes, the Markets Are Rigged: How to Survive the Shark-Infested Waters"

    • cough cough

      there is no preservation..Just VOLATILITY!! look at the chart.

      Mo, Will and Hans , you are too busy spending all the Millions the PIMCO investors have been tosing into your pocket's as fees and investors get a token of profits.

      One tree gets a parasite only a matter of time the rest of the trees get the same parasite, the DEATH SPIRAL Of this fund is imminent if they don't address it.

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      • The bubble like premiums wil they ever be seen again, most likely not unless volume completely dries up and they try another attempt to make it hot. As Willy, Mo and Hansie once the fish leave the they will not be back if ever in this "game" they call "stealing our money".

        Please share this with others and email Bill and the PIMCO fund and ask them what precautions they FAILED to have when the BUBBLE WAS COMPLETELY INFLATED for almost ALL of their funds.

        If they can't admit there is a BUBBLE when it comes to having a premium of over 50% for any of your ticker ( BIll you simpleton are you a simpleton?) then how on earth will they captialize on it, COLUSSION? OR STUPIDITY? BIG BRAIN THINKER LIKE BILL DOESN'T HAVE A CIRCUIT BREAKERS IN PLACE? INEPT IS THE NOT SO GREAT BILL GROSS AND NOT SO TRUSTWORTHY PIMCO FUND FAMILY? speak up.

        This on slaught will go on until your FUND wakes up and admits and starts to purge the collusion that it swims in perhaps by no fault of its own but one identified you become part of it if you fail to capitalize for ALL of your shareholders and not just your select few on speed dial, ofcourse you have $2B and over why even bother invest with PIMCO? they no longer even care about beings successful but more just maintaing the status quo which is destroying your personal net worth. TIC TOC

        Please share such topics of conversation with others.

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