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  • tamaracktpg tamaracktpg Mar 20, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    Anyone surprised DB missed his own due date for the Shareholder Letter?

    He just continues to over promise and under perform ( funny how the word approximately just popped up within the last couple of days ). I wonder if in this letter he will share how he gave himself another raise because his commuting costs have increased, Oh wait I am sure the company picks up the costs of his first class flights to and from Tx. DB how about commenting on the 10 penny a share stock price, how did that pr firm work out for us ? All those investor conferences that were going to drive up interest in APNT ? How about a commentary from our COB ? Is he still breathing ? Why is it you guys never comment on the status of the most recent failed pipe dream ie: why it failed or is being put on the back burner. Can you point to anything other than badminton racquets as a product APNT has sold over the past 15 years. IT is clearly time for the rubber to meet the road !

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