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  • jbkent99 jbkent99 Jun 6, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    Commercialization, Another Executive, Really ???

    APNT has a number of high level executives which includes 2 Presidents and Chairman of the Board. President Yaniv, President Jernigan, Chairman Ronstadt and CFO Doug Baker. Another high level executive to dream about commercialization while sitting in the Research Lab is not needed. A culture of and daily focus on sales is needed. Even the term "commercialization" takes away from the importance of SALES on the financial health of the organization. I would like to see a shareholder letter from President Yaniv that discusses Sales efforts.

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    • I think it's true to say that what this company needs is a leader with vision and business savvy to take us to the next level. It has become obvious that no one currently in the leadership can do that. If we want to lose one, make it Jernigan or Ronstadt, but definitely bring in a new leader and cast off one of the old. Doug, I think, has served well for the particular phase the company was in. We needed to operate lean, so having him be CEO and CFO was a cost savings and a good strategy. But things have changed. The next phase requires a dynamic leader with business experience and connections. Good for them to recognize that need and do this now. (Probably could have happened sooner but that's nit picking). I like Doug continuing in his role as CFO as that is his true expertise and he can do that from anywhere. Zvi, lets face it, has a great number of patents that he has brought to the company. He needs to stay on the bus and reap some rewards for all of his efforts. (And so do we, the shareholders!) So let's make a great choice for a new leader and get on with it. Our IP has never been more viable or valuable. The next year should be interesting.