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  • hehahuhohihah hehahuhohihah Dec 19, 2009 11:21 AM Flag

    Discovery exposed new detailed evidence

    Discovery exposed new detailed evidence for fraudulent actions between JPM/FDIC

    “An internal JPMC e-mail chain from July
    17, 2008, states that "we may get more color tomorrow with the regulators" concerning WaMu
    and potential government assistance in a deal. JPM_EX00000322-23, Exhibit 10.

    Attached to
    the e-mail is a presentation disclosing information on "West's,,6 asset and mortgage portfolios
    and describing a "Regulatory Relief' option in which JPMC will "[a]sk Fed for relief on DTA
    [Deferred Tax Assets] or RWA [Risk Weighted Assets] related to the Option ARMs & Subprime
    portfolios" and notes that JPMC had already "discussed with Fed on prior occasions."
    JPM_EX00000324-339, Exhibit 11.”

    From the very large PDF.

    Therefore the UST must intervene. Remember the PowerPoint presentation of “West”.

    After this document hit the court, the UST filed. “exigent circumstances” Motion to Comply“.

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