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  • bbanbob bbanbob Mar 21, 2010 10:59 PM Flag


    What they do or what they have just done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • "You contadict yourself by saying Canadians pay out of there own pocket for care in the States, but then you say they are fully covered under the system when outside of Canada"
      All I can say is you do not have any reading comprehension skills or you are just another dope. Probably both. Try reading my post again... it goes something like this:
      " Canadians are fully covered for health care when traveling outside of Canada by their health care system because there is reciprocity with regard to health care by Treaty with the USA. The Canuks are not disadvantaged and subject to any personal costs associated with health care while getting emergency treatment or if they are referred to a medical facility in the USA for treatment." as far as US citizens getting prescriptions filled Canada, sure they do because they are less expensive due to the subsidized Canada health care. One good thing about Canadian health care is that the Canadian citizens can be proud to say they are footing part of the bill for my prescriptions! Thanks...
      Your eyesight certainly must be diminished by rose coloured glasses.

    • My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends ..

    • jcl, my god you are sooooo LOST, I cant believe you have the odacity to even use the word MORON. You are wrong in so many ways, I dont even no where to start, but reading some of your weak attempts at pumping stocks in the past I can see there is no HOPE for you anyway. I am Canadian, and I recently moved to the USA (near Detroit), why did I move here...certainly not for healthcare!!! In fact, if you lived in the USA and went through what happend with my Father last year in Canada, you would be bankrupt for sure. He was in ICU for several weeks until he passed from an untreatable condition...and the care he received was second to none. A few years back I had a car accident (in the USA) when they tried to take me to a US hospital I refused and found my OWN way back to Canada and was hospitalized there. CAT're in as fast as needed (hours/minutes), MRI...same thing. Elective surgeries do get bumped back if other "necessary" surgeries take priority, and you may actually be right about better health care in the USA for dogs (that makes sense). As far as people spilling over the boarder for health care? People from the USA drive to Canada to get prescriptions filled all the time, but they need a health card to use the medical system (probably forge those). You contadict yourself by saying Canadians pay out of there own pocket for care in the States, but then you say they are fully covered under the system when outside of Canada. Make up your dizzy blonde mind! All you got with the new Ohbummer care bill is the higher taxes he promised you wouldnt get during the campaign. This is how he is making you pay for his out of control spending and deficit...Did you not hear him promise to finally start trying to create jobs this year? Think of how many MORE jobs will be lost when the trimming of health care costs gets under way. Oh, but theres no time for job creation, we need to push through the left wing adgenda while we still have contol of the house and senate!
      I plan to move back to Canada ASAP...why? One of the main reasons is FOR THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM!

      Now you can move yourself to IGGYLAND! POOOOOF !!!

    • PERIOD let it rest

    • Bbanbop

      Very gracious of you. We fritter away our precious energy in useless discussions.If you all win what you are fighting for, will you not forget Obamacare? I for one am most interested in your win than anything else.

    • AS I SAID LET THIS THREAD DIE ,it was MY THREAD and I say let it go and have since 8:30 this A>m.

    • Agreed.

    • Bbanbop,johnywamu. Jcl58 and all friends

      Hell with USA health care bill and double hell,if there is any for Canadians and the rest of the world, why are we fighting for something which shouldn't even be touched on this board.This is WAMU board, and we should take care that no unpleasant topic is discussed here except WAMU.People are not dying in Canada or elsewhere,and they are not dying in USA: for that matter,they are dying nowhere till the bell tolls for them. Let us devote all our energy on WAMU, because it is that that matters most in the present context than the health care bill.

    • It sounds to me like it is way past the time for you to move your dumb ass back to CND eh? Don't presume you know more than I regarding the Canadian health care system, I am half canuk and a descendent from a long line of canuks. Fortunately for me my other half were real Patriots and the cunuk side left Canada to escape the emerging socialistic government in 1910 when the US Government offered citizenship to immigrants that would volunteer to serve the US Army during WW1.
      Enough is enough, no more discussion with an obvious idiot. You are officially on ignore!

    • I have heard some wanting it better funded but when you ask if they want an American

      solution they practically spit on you.

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