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  • toowan12 toowan12 May 14, 2010 2:09 PM Flag

    Did EC Objection ever pop up on kcc?

    Just wondering how to find the link?

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    • This is it (the objection) Long and wordy
      I am reading an account of the Senate meetings and imagine the point being that Washington wasn't the only nor the worse of the problem causers. A weekend read here!
      Please bring up any good parts please!

    • Just wondering how to find the link?
      click "show all"
      select Washington Mutual
      select Court Documents

      Look for docket #3726

      "Objection of the Official Committee of Equity Security Holders to Approval of the Motion of Debtors for an Order, Pursuant to Sections 105, 502, 1125, 1126, and 1128 of the Bankruptcy Code and Bankruptcy Rules 2002, 3003, 3017, 3018 and 3020, (I) Approving the Proposed Disclosure Statement and the Form and Manner of the Notice of the Disclosure Statement Hearing, (II) Establishing Solicitation and Voting Procedures, (III) Scheduling a Confirmation Hearing, and (IV) Establishing Notice and Objection Procedures for Confirmation of the Debtors' Joint Plan "

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      • Thanks WC!!!!! Just read Susman's whole enchilada and it was excellent. Favs:

        p.11-12 "The overall lack of discovery preceding the Debtors announcement of a multibillion dollar settlement is shocking."

        p.33 #75-76: The value of the claims against various third parties are likely the most substantial assets composing the estate ... the plan proposes to compromise these valuable assets by granting extremely broad releases ... the DS does not contain adequate info to demonstrate that the proposed releases are necessary fair and in the best interest of the estate and should not be approved.

        also the link (hope it works; if not WCatz's instructions above take you there; thanks again WCatz)

        also thanks to wmish for posting the doc. earlier, my browser had some probs.