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  • investwisely1234 investwisely1234 May 21, 2010 12:31 PM Flag

    Bankruptcy Court and the Motion for an Examiner

    Before the whole thing is setteled, one thing is for sure, EC will get his hands on all the DD Rosen has done to date.

    Question is, is their anything in their that shows that A>L.

    Rosen/WMI dont think so, otherwise by now we would have seen some thing more than $4B plus tax rebate going to the share holders.

    I know we all think that there is more money so does EC, we need fact to make the COMMON worth more than 10cents.. I hope we find that out soon for all the longs..

    COmments please..

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    • "Rosen/WMI dont think so,"

      Yep... and they have the generous nature (give away the assets) and fuzzy claims math ($100B => $50B => ?) to prove it.

      Reminds me of a joke among CPA's...

      A company was hiring a new CPA.
      "What does 1 + 1 equal?" They asked.
      "What do you want it to equal..?!" the CPA replied.
      The CPA was hired on the spot.