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  • investwisely1234 investwisely1234 May 22, 2010 5:23 PM Flag

    Exclusivity Period Expires WED May 26, 2010

    I agree, Not sure why everyone thinks world has come to an end.

    We / EC has just started, we have a long fight ahead of us. WMI can not get their hands on this money until Judge approves, which she will not since EC / others who have filed objection have been heard. We will God willing prevail..

    There i slot more money as we all know that is being puched under the carpet, just like the $4B, the tax, visa shares, wind farm, plus the rest.

    SO all the longs, you have been here many a times in this situation, stay long and strong.

    We will win and dont part with your shares, that is exactly what Rosen wants us to do.

    Ask yourself, what do you have to lose, we have been holding these shares long before the seizure. LIttle more time needed to get through this Rosen made crises.

    I ask all the longs, no selling on Monday.

    I for one will not sell my 500k of common shares..

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