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  • lawrencemeany lawrencemeany Jun 8, 2010 7:49 PM Flag

    EC objectioned to WMI's objection ALREADY!!!


    equity holders are truly beholden to having the Susman team in their corner.....I become more and more confident as the days go by.......

    I am hoping the Judge comes out and ask Rosen directly...."For what purpose are you seeking to depose equity members??" I would love to hear him Susman brings up as they have in the Motion today that the debtors have not once in the 21 months of this process issued one notice to depose to the adversaries in the case such as FDIC and JPM individuals...yet they seek to now depose parties that are not case adversaries in the pending litigation....??

    Also in Susman's corner is the fact in itself that at the last hearing Judge Walrath directly INVITED Justin Nelson to re submit a nother motion for the EXAMINER......

    I believe Ms Rosen will be sorely disappointed on June 17th....

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