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  • hitsruns hitsruns Dec 9, 2012 9:36 PM Flag

    Reminder: No Joyce, no EC, No Mr. McMahon, No Nate the Great and...

    We aren't here today. All the crooks and goons involved would have quietly swept this under the rug, years ago, and would be enjoying billions more than they have/are already.

    Countless others have uncovered and shared info and did "due diligence" for us since Sept 2008. Which btw, we now know the EC used, rosey used, and who knows who else used.

    Only to name a few, fckthewhat (wmish), gibson, gov, sgt, sleepless, wamuq (who created a video and website and then had it shut down by "the authorities"), bop, marym, viv, hammr, tysonMM, the "larry's" astock, okie, mason, florin, charlie, herb, much, yoda, juicy, observer, catz, altini, dollhairs, primtah, bbanbob, woodstock, jin, flow, corcor, dhondini, madhawn, the "denkes" oilman, fl0und3rz, etc., etc., ... Again, just to name a few. And whether one has agreed with them along the way or not, they are each part of our story.

    Time flies. Here we are over four years later. Yes, still waiting. But, still breathing.

    If you are too new to know who "Joyce, McMahon, and Nate" assured, you would not be reading about these things called "LTG" or "WMIH" if they had not been part of the true story (not that fiction that Kristen Grind wrote).

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