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  • betonbores betonbores Jun 21, 2013 10:25 AM Flag


    An organization that preys on human weakness.
    and leaves in its wake-Bankruptcy-Divorce-Despair-Suicide.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • betonbores 4 step priceless post.

      Problem gamblers, take heed!!!

    • Sadly, bores, thats the 4 step program the racing establishments have pushed with their 25% takeouts. Their style of gambling has broken more families and caused more suicides than any other form.

      Baccarrat; 1% house edge
      Blackjack 3% house
      Craps 1% house

      Horse racing 17-30% HOUSE EDGE

      No problem??

      • 1 Reply to berniekeszner
      • You are indeed, a fn idiot and a serial liar. Horse racing handles what, $12 billion in wagering a year? Vegas probably does more than that in a weekend. Please cite the research that shows "that style of gambling has broken more families and caused more suicides than any other form." I'm curious how such a tiny fraction of the overall gaming market -- which you yourself constantly tell us no one plays except old men -- breaks all these families and causes suicides.

        That's undoubtedly one of your biggest whoppers yet.

        And comparing takeouts is laughable, since horse racing's is always going to be higher when you are paying for live sports entertainment. And yet, there isn't that much difference between a straight wager and the takeout of a slot machine, or table games like three-card, let it ride, four-card, etc.

    • Hey clown, don't you live in Vegas? Instead of "ruining a message board" with your ignorant brand of hate, why aren't you walking the streets of your hometown fighting the evil gambling establishments?

      I'm sure there are establishments in Vegas -- like CHDN's Calder -- that have kicked you off their premises because of your deviant behavior. Man up, coward -- certainly you could make more of an impact in person than over a Yahoo message board now read by less than 10 people.

      By the way, for someone who talks all about his winning bets (of course we know you are lying), you sure come off as a hypocrite now framing gaming as so bad.

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