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  • bionic_research bionic_research Feb 1, 2005 11:48 PM Flag

    Bill& Paul corner market

    From this article: "Gates badly needs a win in cable, too. Microsoft has blown through $600 million on various failed attempts at interactive television such as WebTV and UltimateTV. If Microsoft is to be a serious player in the cable world, Gates needs Foundation to succeed."

    THIS IS WHY A BUYOUT IS COMING!!!. The $600 mill that Gates wasted on interactive TV could have been spent to buy Tivo at $8 / share. A BUYOUT IS COMING FOLKS!!

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    • Largest shareholder and market both say NO BUYOUT. Your pumping isn't working.

      Bill and Paul are very savvy, and have learned much in the past 5 years. Why buy TIVO for $5/share when they can get it for almost nothing? TIVO needs cash to stay alive. TIVO will be issuing preferred stock or bonds (as opposed to notes) to generate cash, perhaps this is why the notes were redeemed - to clear the way for a bond issue or preferred stock issue. Bill or Paul could control the company in other ways than just buying up all of the common. The commons could get screwed on bond or preferred deal, could be lots of trouble ahead for the commons.

    • The Gates Foundation is not MSFT. How dumb are you people? Do you DD before you post..

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