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  • rmnowick rmnowick Feb 18, 2005 1:47 PM Flag

    Shorting question...

    Just tried shorting 2,500 shares in my Etrade account. I haven't done much short selling before so this is a new experience for me. The order doesn't seem to be executing for some reason. Any ideas? It was a market order.

    Are there any prohibitions on shorting stocks under $5, or is it just based on your brokerages ability to borrow the shares?


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    • You pick a stock near multi-year lows to start shorting?

      Good god - find a stock that's over valued, not one priced for bankruptcy based on fear.

    • Hey,

      Aren't you an intelligent XM investor ?

      If so, why are you shorting TIVO ?

      Go long !!

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      • Jak,
        Yup, big XM investor. The reason I'm shorting Tivo is primarily because even though they have the same subscription business model that XM does they have a bunch more competition. Every cable company is building in a DVR into their set top box. Not only that, but competition will be forcing them to charge little if anything for that DVR.

        That puts a lot of pressure on Tivo. The software is great, but why pay for something that you can get for free thats almost just as good? The same argument doesn't apply to XM (free radio vs pay radio) because the service is way better than free radio. And, no one else but SIRI offers a similar product. Duopoly.

        Tivo is down from $12 about a year ago. Maybe one of the longs would care to tell me what is different now from then that would make the stock price turn around? It isn't clear to me that Tivo can grow their way to profitability the way that XM can. One of the reasons they are losing money is because of the deep discounts they have to give on the hardware. I think that will get worse over time as Tivo continues fighting the cable companies and other DVR sellers. Especially the NBS (?) agreement with DirecTv.

        Any others thoughts on the matter are welcome.

        Good weekend Y'all.

    • Well, it just went through. In at $3.76. It's funny cause I put the order in at $3.85. Oh well, I'll be holding it for awhile so I suppose it doesn't matter. Maybe it required an up tick, thats what the Etrade help said.

      I love the Tivo service BTW. Bought a DirecTivo back in 2002 with a lifetime sub. Had it upgraded to 149 hours. Been working like a charm the whole time. If I had access to a HD signal I would get the HD unit but thats not possible cause I live in a condo.

      Anyway, good luck to all...

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      • Get the DirecTV HD Tivo - it is AWESOME. With Directv you get about 10 channels of HD, but 2 Tuners (call also get off air with 2 additional tuners)

        IT IS THE BEST SOURCE for HDTV Content (the Tivo part, not DirecTV. Makes me wonder when Tivo is coming out with an off air antenna built in to a HD Tivo box.

        The biggest issue with HD right now is lack of content (storing and recording in HD is a great way to suppliment that). When TIVO2 HD comes out it will also be able to distribute HD movies (DVDs are not HD) over broadband.

        Yes, Tivo is slow on the HD bandwagon, but when it comes it will THE ONLY SOURCE FOR HD MOVIES (without risking purchasing a blue ray or hddvd and ending up with a Betamax).

    • >>>I haven't done much short selling before so this is a new experience for me.

      Oh, it will be a new experience for you, alright. You're going to get disemboweled.

    • you couldn't do it because you are scared, not because there isn't enough shares to short from your broker numbnut or you can't short a 5 and under. Actually you shorted at 3.5 and now churning and burning your stomach lining away. Like I tell all of you shorts, don't cover just yet. I would love to see all of you suffering great financial loss when this baby bypasses your stop orders.

    • its because Etrade has an anti STUPIDITY system..

    • First off, you're nuts for wanting to short this stock at it's current level and with what's going on internally right now.

      And you're correct on both counts: With Ameritrade, you can't open new short positions on stocks that are under five bucks. Get a new broker. I use CyberTrader (a schwab company) and you can short 10 cent stocks if you wanted to. And secondly, it does depend on the brokers ability to get the stocks TO short.

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