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  • joegi50 joegi50 Nov 8, 2009 3:17 PM Flag

    TIVO: Do Not Catch a Falling Knife..Timber

    Jobless hit above 10 percent is tougher and more painful than it used to be.

    No Job. No Money. No Honey. No TIVO.
    TIVO is about to send jobs oversea, close more offices and shut down plants. Nightmares before Christmas.

    Cut your credit cards.
    Buy only what you need.
    Living within your mean.
    Mortage slavery is toxic.
    No need for new cool gadgets.
    Enjoy each other at Libraries.
    Stop being Consumers of the World.
    Big cars or TiVo do not make a man.
    Save your cash for raining days ahead.
    Bailouts are not for small people like us.
    Spend more time with your family at the park.
    Stop outsource jobs to India, China and oversea.
    Follow your head and stop listening to your heart.
    Homes are for living in and are not an investment.
    Merger: everybody is winner, you are the only Loser.
    Family quality time does not necessary mean expensive.
    Your computers are good enough, no need to buy new one.
    Home is biggy bank, not ATM machine or generate profits.
    Be careful with all the rosy forecasts from "experts" and "gurus"

    Do not fill up your house with TIVO and hardly use items.

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