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  • mzman16 mzman16 Jan 7, 2010 9:06 PM Flag

    news? from tivo stats douche bag?

    Good Lord. The CES conference, the showcase of the year for consumer electronics. And Tivo wants a news blurb from it's stats rep that clearly misses many stats fundamentals? 'Hey world, let's have a cute scorecard of ads viewed/not viewed for brands at CES.' Good frickin' grief, who cares? What was sample pool? Oh, just Tivo customers. Again, who cares? Even if the Tivo data was worth a glance, what good is a national composite when separate markets could show great variance? And why on earth is Tivo wasting any possible headline it could grab from CES on info from their stats moron? Info that a stats neophite can instantly argue is flawed? Next up? Another completely uninspired, monotone, transcript-reading from Rogers? RAH, RAH Tivo! Keep up that great work!

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    • Boring

      C'mon try another word for Moron

      I know u can do this

      At least I think you can



    • jacmyoung Jan 8, 2010 11:08 AM Flag

      "The best thing TiVo did was to hire Rogers as its CEO,"

      The best thing Rogers did as CEO was fire you're retarded ass, James.

      You still hate him for that, don't you?

    • jacmyoung Jan 8, 2010 11:05 AM Flag

      " many of them owes their employment to him."


      Flucking RETARD!!

    • "Tivo managemnt sure knows how to sell the sizzle..."

      The best thing TiVo did was to hire Rogers as its CEO, he founded many of the news/financial analysts' outlets, they will kiss up to him because many of them owes their employment to him.

    • can't wait to see you on the side of the road with a tin cup full of pencils in your hand as I drive by in my Beamer bought with the prceeds of my Tivo Short

      But seriously your claims are about as valid as mine.

      We disagree but you can not help but respond like the Palovian dog to every one of my negative comments.

      Dare you to let me get the last word in any thread hasn't happened yet



    • good luck on the ruling

      can't wait to see your *** handed to you

    • Who cares?

      Apparently Google.

      If Tivo's stats and sample pool didn't matter then why would Google waste their time with Tivo.

      Nice Try.

      • 1 Reply to swsilvers
      • The Real problem with Tivo and this new tracking strategy is their lack of an installed base.

        That is why this idea is stillborn at birth.

        Tivo can never replace Neilson or make headway with this plan unless virtually everyone is watching TV through Tivo boxes.

        Otherwise the pool is not big enuf for the results to have meaning. What makes Neison work is that they are surveying consitent;ly a pool of the average American TV watching public, Tivo can not make that same claim as there audience is skewed toward the wealthy Technological aware people who can afford high end TV's and programming options

        And a few threads back.

        Why is Tivo up?

        It is once again goning up on Hype about settlement and fact that Markets are going up too.

        Unless Tivo has good follow through and my guesse is that if the holiday season was going well they would have been crowing about it at CES

        so the silence tells me a lot about Holiday sales and future prospects.

        The pumperrazzi will of course put their positive spin on any shred of news but a rational honest analysis would say this was not a gr8 CES fo Tivo


    • clap clap clap. Good job Mr. short. You and your pseudo supporter. Business doesn't necessarily coincide with trade shows. Yes, it is nice to announce new products when and if it fits the schedule. BTW, what did MSFT announce?

    • yep, yep, yep. you typed what I was thinking. how is it possible a 300 person, $1B market cap publically traded firm have a flippin stats neanderthal speak for the company? i have been wondering this for many months. maybe tivo can partner with geico for caveman themed commercials. and survey their whopping customers to make absurd large population inferences of the time-shifting of their own commercials! thanks for sharing the post.

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