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  • wcoastguy2008 wcoastguy2008 Jun 19, 2010 11:42 AM Flag

    "Google ($160 Billion Market Cap) Can Buy Tivo Using "Petty Cash"

    TIVO is probably the most undervalued stock in the sector considering a buyout will eventually happen. The only question is who, when, and at what price.

    Buying TIVO at the current price is a no brainer.

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    • Radio Shack

    • I'm thinking a stock swap at 20 Tivo shares for one Google share. Valuing TIVO at about $25.00 per share.

    • you mean like buying a can of worms?

    • Counterpoint...buying tivo at current mkt price may not be such a no brainer...but would be given a clear court victory guarding their IP. It is not crystal clear they'll win, and if they do the patents in dispute have short life remaining. The alarming thing w.r.t. a long position on tivo is their miserable (and old) business model and worse management. Shareholders have to feel cheated every cycle of D&O options exercised. They are blatantly padding the wallets of very poor business leadership, all the while incapable of producing a profit...basically actually running a business! If you buy tvio you buy those headaches. Sure, you could clean that up a bit. Any chance you're aware tivo had a recent SEC filing that rewards their management losers with 12 months of salary in the event of a buyout? Insane. With tivo you also buy a legacy of tivo subscribers that boot linux and look for a legacy infrastructure that YOU ARE STUCK WITH until subscribers let you off the hook. If I'm google, I don't want to touch that with a ten foot pole.

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      • first of all they have to be bought out and second they do not automatically get those salaries..that is if they are let go or are forced to leave without cause...third...does anyone care how much Tivo excutives make if the stock gets bought out at $15+

        I sure don't and I have a sizeable long term position

        Tivo has other patents and other deals that will bear fruit toward the end of this year....Google is not the right fit with Tivo and doesn't need Tivo for what they are trying to do....Tivo fits best with Microsoft however they do not need to rush into any deal unless they do not prevail in the en banc hearing....that said I am sure they would listen to a fair premium from anyone

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