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  • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Oct 15, 2011 11:41 AM Flag

    Apple Eliminating the need for DVR (link)

    If you truly never catch up it means you'd never have watched those shows anyway, or you'd have watched those but not some other show you record. You're recording more than you have time to watch. So if your disk space was infinite in size, your queue would grow continuously over time to infinite length. Instead of deleting shows you don't watch, you'd just watch them pile up.

    You should realize which shows you really watch and stop recording the ones you don't. Or give up some real-life activities and watch more TV.

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    • not necessarily "recording too much" - some weeks are busier than others.
      sometimes I watch a show I'd like to show to others sometime later...
      sometimes I'm distracted while watching a show, and think I'll get to rewaych it later...
      sometimes I'd like to keep something "forever", like Olympics, or a State of the Union, or certain movies.
      HD content fills up a little drive quickly.
      And as I said, I'm often having to delete stuff in any of those categories just to free up space on my DirecTV fake TiVo.
      can't believe the same doesn't happen to almos everyone.
      Terabytes would be most welcome.

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