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  • still_my_dime still_my_dime Jul 22, 2013 10:41 AM Flag


    Unfortuately, we are stuck with Time Warner Cable.

    Because they want to rent their own obsolete recorder cable boxes, TWC makes integrating with TIVO extremely difficult. Further, TWC is switching to all digital within the next few months which may require an additional adapter tthat may or not be in addition to a cable card. TWC's web site instructions regarding using a TIVO are unclear at best and that may not be an accident.

    TIVO, on its web site, makes no real effort to explain how to add a TIVO to TWC's service. Questions like - which TIVO? Can it record multiple channels at the same time? What about a cable card? And the digital adapter, etc. are unanswered.

    It seems to me that if TIVO actually expects to sell units to TWC customers, someone at TIVO needs to figure ot what TWC customers need to do; what they need to buy and how the hook-up would work. They need a single page headed with: If you are a Time Warner Cable Customer . .. and go on from there.

    The responsibility lies with TIVO, not TWC or its customers. At this point, I would rate TIVO's marketing effor to TWC customers as pathetic.

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    • faridusa1 Aug 20, 2013 4:25 PM Flag

      Time Warner Cable may buy TIVO for $20+, Monday.

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    • you are not specifying which tivo you there are different options for different models..if you have a series 2 or earlier and you have been getting by by running the cable straight from the wall to the ant in of your unit...this will no longer work. You need to get a simple digital adapter box. These are the simplest cable boxes and you will need your tivo cable mouse to change the channels on the box.
      If you have any other NEWER tivo than a series 2 you will need a cable card. If you have a multi tuner tivo that is not a series 3 you will need 1 mulit stream card. If you have a series 3 you will need 2 cards. You cannot use VOD with the tivo.
      This is not something cryptic or difficult to find out.
      If you google "If you are a Time Warner Cable Customer tivo" you get the answers
      and google "tivo time warner cable card" you get the answers.

      Have you checked out the (google it) tivo community forum? TONS of info! Good day!

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      • My first Tivo was a Series 1. The manufacturing qualtiy control was so bad that it almost put Tivo out of business before it started. My recollection is that the internal modem tended to fry itself. There was a cottage industry for repairing Tivos. Yet then, as now, the die-hard Tivo enthusiasts trashed anybody who dared criticize their beloved Tivo company.

        This is the era of PLUG AND PLAY. We should not have to read multple pages from two companies about how to use a product. The Time Warner recorder cable box is an outdated disaster, providing an opportunity for a non TWC product, and Tivo should own this market. It is clear that Time Warner subscribers should get a non recording cable box from TWC and then get a Tivo for recording. The fact that they (we) don't (because they don't know? because it takes multiple steps to install a Tivo? because they don't know which Tivo will work) is a reflection on Tivo's poor marketing skills.

        Ask somebody without technical skills to read some of the material that you suggestsd. You might start with this from one of the TWC references found with the Google search:

        "If I have a CableCARD, do I still need my digital set-top box to get Digital TV?
        You may choose to use a CableCARD-equipped Digital Cable Ready device instead of a digital cable set-top box to access digital cable services. However, the capabilities of your device will depend on whether you have a Unidirectional Digital Cable Product (UDCP) or a tru2way™ device. In order to enjoy the full range of Time Warner Cable services, such as the Interactive Programming Guide, On Demand, and Start Over® you will need a CableCARD-equipped tru2way™ device or a digital cable set-top box. UDCPs are one-way devices, and cannot access two-way services. However certain UDCPs are able to access channels delivered interactively via Switched Digital Video (SDV) technology when equipped with a Tuning Adapter provided by Time Warner Cable. .."..

        Enough said.

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