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  • sragonese sragonese Aug 27, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

    Only 3mil Subscribers?


    With a population of 375mil people in the US, TiVo has 3mil subscribers after 16 years since its inception? Add an outdated business model, DVD-R via cable, $80 BluRays to connect wireless, TiVo's terrible support, and you actually thing this company named TiVo has a future? Sorry, but it takes about 30 minutes of kicking TiVo's tires to clearly see this company will soon be six feet under. Everyone I know got rid of TiVo years ago! Honestly, I'm quite surprised it still exist... They have 556 employees left, let's start the count down...

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    • Most TiVo subs aren't even in the US. Virgin Media is the big contributor... however they are likely to drop TiVo in the next couple of years due to their acquisition.

    • it's always a red credibility flag when people make up numbers...
      US population: 313.9 million (2012), not "375 million".
      And how many TiVo subscribers would you expect a family of five to have?
      isn't this the number you want?:
      Number of U.S. Households, 2007-2011: 114,761,359

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    • The Streaming is klunkie, the youtube and online interface is weak, and for $40-50 one time cost, you can get a Roku, or APPLE Streamers with actual channels, compared to TIVO'S greedily priced streamer at $100, or TIVO recording consoles that won't even record unless you subscribe at $20 with a contract, compared to AIRBOX's $10/month and no contract. Furthermore, having to a pay a subscription of $20 to watch rabbit ear television is not happening for much longer with the recording capabilities of AIRBOX, XBOX Contraptions, etc. without having to pay a monthly fee. Not to mention that for the same price as a TIVO subscription ($20), TIVO only provides you with recording capability and then wants to deactivate your equipment, people will choose to just pay for basic Cable at the same price as basic free TV. TIVO'S done, the only thing happening now is the looting and pillaging of the coffers by the company officers in the form of pay and workers twittling their thumbs and shuffling papers for inflated wages.

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