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  • littlebird6667 littlebird6667 Mar 17, 2006 1:41 PM Flag

    NYSE wants to know also

    NYSE seeks explanation
    for firm's stock activity
    The New York Stock Exchange has requested that American Realty Investors Inc. issue a public statement on whether there are any corporate developments that could explain the unusual activity of the stock.
    Shares of the Dallas-based real estate investment trust rose $1.99, or 26 percent, to close at $9.63 on volume of 62,900 shares. Average daily volume is 769 shares.
    NYSE said the company declined to comment. A company representative couldn't be reached for comment.

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    • Thank you to the little bird for telling all of us.

      By not responding at all, they (ARL) have provided the NYSE with yet another "reason" for them to be de-listed.

      Can you hear Ol' Blue Eyes warming up? "And now, the end is near...". I certainly can.

      Face it, this thing is so byzantine in its organization with multiple layers of incestuous transactions and ownership, that there is no way to unravel this "Gordian Knot" in full public view.

      They have to get it de-listed, and they have to buy us out so that they can do their dirtywork in private...and keep all of the money in the process.

      The problem for us is that the lower the stock price goes, the less that they will offer us. That $11 per share "offer" seemed like a lot when compared to a trading price of $7-$8. Yet, that is a fraction of what it would be worth sans the taint (and odor) of Gene, et al.

      Can we get the minutes from the Board of Directors meetings? I own some shares of this dog, and I certainly am interested in taking a look at them. There are a few topics which should have obviously been broached by an independant board which was truly interested in shareholder wealth maximization...just as it states on their website.

      I won't mention those topics here, because I suspect that they would "doctor" the minutes of those meetings. Really, I mean, wouldn't you if you were them?!!

      Oh yeah, still no reply from investor relations.

    • ARL is probably not interested in anything Loeb may say and Loeb doesnt have the votes to force anything.

      This entire plan could just fizzle out and the stock would drop, already the price is declining and the volume small. IF Loeb dumped their shares- that would really kill the price.

      I guess its nice to know someone else liked the stock and assets - at least for a while.

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