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  • messageboard Oct 6, 2008 9:31 PM Flag

    Overdosed on Debt

    Does anybody read this message board or ever post anything meaningful? Just a bunch of crooks marketing more junk stocks preying on the idiots who gamble on other junk stocks. I guess they know a target rich environment when they see one.

    How can this company stay on the NYSE with such pathetically low volume? My guess is the SEC wants to keep Gene Phillips under its thumb in the hopes he might one day royally screw up and get caught? He's slipped through their fingers so many times now it must frustrate them to no end. A company this leveraged with so much land and questionable management will be last in line for credit when, and if, credit will ever be available like it had been. It won't! Not for years! They relied on debt and selling assets to survive this long. Unfortunately for them, nobody can get credit to buy anything.

    The only bigger morons than what few shareholders there are is management themselves. The last train has left the station....with your luggage. Unfortunately, there isn't enough volume to short this POS. For that matter, there isn't enough volume to be long or short without getting burned. Best to stay away......far, far away.

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