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  • southfork_rb southfork_rb Feb 19, 2001 7:55 PM Flag


    I too hold an interest in E_T5, would strongly suggest you hold onto your stock, once the numers come in as far as revenues being produced this will pop thru the $20 mark.


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    • All invested with Morissette should be getting a package in the mail in the next few days explaining the details of the deal. Also a lot of PR about ARL.
      Stock certificates will take some time since they will be preferred stock and this requires ARL to list this.
      As far as a REIT investing in oil, it is a hedge for the rest of their business;they will not manage it. Someone else in the oil business will.

    • Hey there boys....let's just hope we get this resolved ASAP. There are a lot of good buys out there right now. I still do not understand how the hell an REIT is going to be able to tun and manage oil and natural gas fields, but who cares. Let's take the money and run!!!!! By the way, 2 weeks means 6 months!!!!

    • I talked to Doug Goodrum at Leading Solutions today. He said the stock certificates should be printed within 2 weeks, and all of it can be sold ASAP if wanted to.
      Did anybody else get this information too?

    • Hey there...
      Can someone please tell me who and why I should onto the stock. I have been invested for a number of years and to be quite honest....the "regular" checks never seemed to be very regular. I am considering myself lucky and getting out with at least a profit. Please enlighten me as to why you say this will go to $20. I find it really hard to believe. This company is not an oil is a real estate investment trust. What do they know about running oil wells.
      Also, when are we ever going to receive the stock??? Haven't we been waiting long enough and what about the month checks???? Don't you find it hard to believe that when we were working interest partners, checks did not come, but now....the wells are going to be productive. I would love to hear your response.

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