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  • argoalpuche argoalpuche Aug 14, 2014 6:08 PM Flag

    I'm a slow and steady long term investor but….

    Congratulations to everyone that came over from the QCOR board and is now part of the MNK/QCOR combined family! As most people know, I'm a slow and steady long term investor who really looks for companies with strong balance sheets and growing revenues and free cash flow. Clearly, the combined MNK/QCOR company meets all three of the those criteria in a very positive way. I expect to maintain my slow and steady approach and avoid the noise that is sure to come from the shorts scrambling to figure out how to cover without driving up the stock price. I'm confident that Raven, Citron and others will try and write a few articles with the intent of driving down the share price. With that all said, I have a funny feeling that MNK is going to breakout over the next 30 days or so. I believe MNK stock has been artificially held down both by the shorts (this is their goal all the time) and the longs (intent on limiting tax exposure on QCOR shareholders). Of course, not being a short term trader I could be 100% wrong but something tells me we are going to see MNK move fairly swiftly up to $80+ in the short term. Either way, I don't really care because I'm in for probably staying long for the next 2 - 5 years on the combined company. I just was board waiting to begin the celebration from the closing of the deal and figured I would post my two cents!!!! LOL…..Slow and steady! Good luck to all!

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    • Sometimes you get lucky! LOL……Clearly MNK has broken out. I think the shorts finally have realized that MNK has a solid balance sheet and growing revenues and free cash flow. They have started to cover their short positions realizing the stock in going to trend above $100+ over the next year. In addition, now that the deal is done the analyst are focused on how 2015 and beyond is going to look for MNK. I believe they like what they see. Those of you who know my posts know I estimated the combined company's 2015 EPS to be around $6.50 well before the deal closed. Now having reviewed the SEC filings and reworking my models. I believe the my original number of $6.50 and the street number of $6.70 is on the low side. I was to conservative on the tax benefits from the deal. I feel confident that a 2015 EPS that starts with a 7 is highly likely at this point. As such, a stock price above $100 is also highly likely. Slow and steady! Good luck to all!

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    • I just reread my post and I want to apologize for my poor grammar. Board versus bored??? WOW!!!! I'm much more a numbers guy! LOL….Slow and steady! Good luck to all!

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    • Two weeks ago I posted the above. As I've stated many times, I'm not a short term trader but felt that MNK was poised to breakout after the deal closed. It's seems to have happened. I like the way the company is setting up over the next 2 - 3 years. It actually wouldn't surprise me at all if after MNK delivers 2 or 3 quarters post acquisition that we start to see a pick up in the buyout rumors (especially if the stock stays under $100). Either way, I'm staying long and avoiding the noise. Slow and steady! Good luck to all!

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      • Nice to "meet" you. You will find some very savy long emigrees from the QCOR board share your perspective and patience. You may be pleasantly surprised as ACTHAR's true potential is revealed. Patients with otherwise unmet or insufficiently met chronic needs are finding relief with our product which, beyond the financial gains, is a reward for this investment. Good luck!

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    • And it's whispered that soon if we all call the tune then the piper will lead us thereafter,
      and a new day will dawn for those who stand long, and the forests will echo with laughter.

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