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  • keep_a_blind_eye keep_a_blind_eye Dec 16, 2010 9:51 AM Flag

    Problem with stock not enough profit

    Too much insider raping of company. This company profit margins are way too small for a software company and they want to pay themselves before stockholders. They have huge debt and little cash. Prime for BK. Software has high margins and low revenue. This company is opposite, high revenue and low margins. This CEO needs to go.

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    • It has been sold all day ... Red during the day, red in the afterhours also!! ==> Short term: its going to be sold off, it seems like!

    • Bylow, it's rare on these boards to see people taking responsibility for their posts. I wasn't calling you out as a jerk, but merely pointing out that the stocks you cited were (atypically) losers over the past seven months.

      Thanks for the clarification.

    • I was a jerk sorry. I remember that because after I ran into an article and it show cased all these losers from the past 6mo or year. Anyway I like Oil/nat gas and Telecom. The increasing need for energy and higher cost that will go with it. Supply demand. Same story for bandwith. I guess that's my thesis or strategy. I'm starting to cycle into KMB,JNJ stocks like that. Did good just don't want to lose it. Most likely techs will climb higher but I want to sleep a little better.

    • How would I have such information, beer? I am familiar with the client side of the equation, not what MDRX is doing behind the scenes.

      The fact is that as far as SCM is concerned, the world isn't exactly beating MDRX's doors down to sign up. If you know of FACTS that contradict this statement, or the statement I made indicating very few net-new SCM accounts other than Eclipsys' legacy clients, we'd love to hear about it here.

    • That's a hoot "not enough profit"...well hey there friend, this one POPS for me. In at 15.92 and what's the complaint again????

    • Hey,
      I agree, it's people like theses who are destroying the capitalistic system and free enterprise. I'm conservative and wouldn't touch a stock like this. The management is running around like frogs in a pail. Rape is a good word.

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      • Profit off it. I'm a conservative republican too. I see a trend that I could profit from that is going on regardless might as well try and make some money. Not crazy about tax payer money being spent on this but it is. Just like Broadband stimulus stocks. On the other side, I don't short that concept doesn't sit right with me. I had a problem buying BP near the bottom. I didn't buy based on how I felt about the co. It cost me a good profit and the fact is nothing changed. I can say I feel morally better about having nothing to do with or investing in BP. I can honestly say I could of lived with the 5k or so im my pocket after selling here. I don't be Tobacco, so I sort of relate. MDRX is a smart buy on a pullback if not $19 is cheap still.

    • So wrong. Go back to bed. MDRX at this level is way undervalued. Stimulus money beneficiary, Health care IT Sector starting to heat up as it should. Analyst on different shows/articles commenting positively on MDRX and industry as a whole. Eclipsys merger adds huge long term international growth. Health care lagged the markets this year, plus pps drop after the merger and Misys secondary offering. This is a steal here. Value buy based on future growth.

      This is an industry where every company should do better each quarter,” said Glen Tullman, chief executive officer of Allscripts, referring to his industry of health care information technology, in an interview on the day of the company’s merger with Eclipsys. “That’s the general metric.”

      The reason for that metric, Tullman says, is that there’s more and more money being spent from the stimulus on health care IT.

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      • FYI: From a press release today regarding the appointment of a new DOH commissioner by Gov elect Cuomo in NY:

        According to Cuomo’s press release, Shah is a general internist, an “expert in use of systems-based methods to improve patient outcomes, a leading researcher in use of large scale clinical laboratories and electronic health records to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of care, and a nationally recognized thought leader in the very methods needed to transition to the future of lower-cost, more patient-centered, health care for the 21st century.”

        This is the trend and it is only going to accelerate. EMR's are the major ingredient in reforming how health care is delivered. You can expect MDRX and the entire industry to experience continued growth-it's still in its infancy.

      • Only negative is Jim Crammer likes it.

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