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    • I did listen to presentation and did catch that point. They actually ought to do well over the next few years just think its a tad expensive and don't like the milking of common investors through insider sales and options.

    • chysler may be coming out of bk however the bad part of chysler stays in bk and will generate revenue and eps over the next several years if you dont believe me listen to todays presentation its explained in black and white and i think even you might be able to grasp it

    • That is quite a forward PE as its almost 19 months out. Everyone else either uses the next year-end or next 12 months, which either way is too high. Once again this is non-GAAP and as they have shown in the past their issuing of stock options is not a one time event and should be viewed a reoccuring expense thus making their valulation even more expensive. I like the company just not at this price.

    • this will be my last reply youre to dense to deal with right below where you click on the message board there is key statistics click on it and you will see todays forward pe 16.70 duh

    • Please provide your PE calculation then because consensus is $.70\share for 2009 and yesterday's close was 14.94. That does not equal 16.98. Don't bet on the auto bankruptcies helping them that much. Chyrsler is already coming out and even if they get GM it will be quick. Keep buying the shares insiders are selling if you feel so strongly.

    • never heard of him he is not listed on the major holder insiders is he a new guy looks like he is selling 20 something thousand shares does not bother me be worried if one of the two olsons were selling they know the company is worth 17-20 per share if it staets to move above 17 they might sell some but if you listened to analysts meeting the other day prospects look good another presentation tommorow. like i posted many time good company but the 2 owners grant themselfs to many stock options they own 7 million shares if they start to sell those lookout however its obvoius they have plenty of good quarters ahead of them. serious replys only

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      • He is not a huge holder, but he is a BOD. Its about a 1/3 of his position. Olson's have been selling frequently over the past year or so and at prices below $17 as you mentioned. Regardless of all the inside options and sells, this stock is trading at over a 20 PE on forward earnings and also missed estimates last quarter. Seems expensive here considering a company like this should be experiencing their best earning growth during a period such as this.

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