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  • panama_westside panama_westside Nov 4, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

    Will UGAZ Get Back to $17?

    With the onset of Winter just around the corner, fewer gas rigs in operation, no major storms this year that damaged structures which minimized demand, more and more homes outfitted with gas-burning furnaces, and more uses everyday for natural gas, why isn't this going up?

    I'd like to believe that UGAZ gets back to $17 by the end of November.


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    • 19 ish target....

      • 1 Reply to airheadmw
      • to bad you didn't buy, Nov 4th was the lowest day you could get in as you were waiting for UGAZ to hit 11,10,9 and even 8, but now your calling it to go up and you have no shares. Heres your post to help remind you, and you want to continue stalking me and slander me you will receive the same, but by me showing your own posts that prove you don't know energy trading,
        airheadmw • Nov 4, 2013 1:40 PM Flag

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        Look for chart Nov. 4 at 1:40 AM It's Santa with Snow White keeping busy while the NG trend keeps getting slammed. Traders look for UGAZ 11, 10, 9 and all possible treasure trend low 8 ish, we have few weeks to observe, unless the weather turns nuts. Also Billy Unisys site, please look for a chart by same crazy guy posting Snow white.

    • expecting a surge on extreme weather

    • When NG target hits 3.2 start to purchase the long term hold. Till the period of 3.4, 3.3 scalp. Mark this posting NG 3.2 will be the bottom cycle. Do not get caught in emotional buying, value purchases is the key. Just a friendly posting warning you all.

    • The suprise will come that demand will be on the high side but the big $5 + comes when supply starts to the way just replaced my 19 year old m-2-tw 50 gallon bradford white with a new one not cheap but top of the line.

    • The big players know only two things: sell hard and buy hard. Right now there's no catalyst to spur buying, so they sell. $17 is possible, but who knows how long it will take. I'm figuring December. After all, someone said $5.00 natty was coming by the end of the year.

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      • Yes. i'm speculating a short term reversion to 16.50+ with 20+ possible in the winter. UGAZ is currently over 25% below its 20 day average, which is oversold. to add, you have the season transition, and only the delay in cold weather has been hurting UGAZ. Nat Gas surplus inventories are mostly getting priced into UGAZ now. Once colder season hits, you will see it fly upward again, & 16's likely before end November. also you have power plants switching increasingly right now to Nat Gas with less coal usage because Nat Gas is cheaper & because emission standards are forcing them to use it.

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