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  • stock_slayer1974 stock_slayer1974 Aug 5, 2012 3:35 AM Flag

    Why Matt is a Moron

    How much money did it cost is to not do anything with him? How much did it cost to "play games" with him?

    He wasn't doing ANYTHING at the time. LOL, what a joke. It was only a matter of time but your concern is he was being a good boy "at the time". Yes, supporting terrorism by funding families of suicide bombers in a post 9/11 environment is "not doing anything".

    It was intelligence failure, not made up nor fraud. Everyone was able to see the same intelligence. Your allegations are SPECULATION and not PROVEN whatsoever. Guess, what. They NEVER will be, get OVER IT. He USED them and said he HAD them, what more do you need genius? Your hindsight garbage is just that, garbage.

    Obama caused the uprisings? You're hilarious. The "people" saw what Iraq became and if the invasion did not occur it is doubtful these uprisings would even have occurred. They saw these "men" as not as strong, not as powerful as they appear. Saddam was a perfect example, decades of torture, murder and mass executions. That's all changed thanks to Bush, freedom was planted in the HEART of the Middle East and IT IS SPREADING.

    He did what he felt was right. He did it for no other purpose, his pockets are not being filled with oil revenue coming out of Iraq or anywhere else. He almost lost the election because of the invasion, it certainly was not a political move either.

    The man that stood on the rubble of the Twin Towers with the megaphone, yeah that's my president. Obama could never touch that, 90% approval rating. Took the people from "scared to death" to strong and UNIFIED within days. Yeah, that's my president.

    The history books are not finished being written, watch and see.

    America will not forget. Many did, but I didn't nor will I ever. I couldn't have asked for a better leader at that time.

    FYI, my feelings come from common sense and nothing more. I do not listen to "talking heads" or Rush Limbaugh. I listen to me.

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