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  • juiceman1922007 juiceman1922007 Nov 19, 2012 4:49 PM Flag

    Experience Investing With Buffet

    Unfortunately, I never seemed to learn my lesson of investing with what Buffet "appears" to buy. Now I have. We find out he was provided these shares as part of his lien purchase, so his cost basis is ZERO.
    No wonder he can sell 2,000,000 of the 3,200,000 shares he had a profit. We never get to see the behind the scenes deals he makes and the vague way the stock acquisitons are presented. Plus as Lee pays off these loans dollar for dollar, he makes even more. Hopefully LEE can dig itself out of the hole and make many such as I whole again.

    I truly used to respect this man. After reading more and more about his personal life, and how he was socialite driven, he now seems to be a little man with a big ego. Who cares what he is giving to charities
    through Gates. He is as much a manipulater as most of them are.

    Sorry I am in a bad mood....and sounding uncharitable.


    Sentiment: Hold

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    • You have been told this since day one. The company sucks, and so do you. If you can't think for yourself then get out of the game. For years I have told every idiot here what the deal was, and I was 100 percent right the whole way.

      I said the CEO was a pump and dump fluff master, and I said that Warren Buffett would NEVER ever own shares if he didn't have the debt. It turns out I was 100 percent right.

      You losers have shamed yourself for way too long. If you think that LEE is a good investment then you deserve to be homeless. I, and others, have laid it out for you many times. You idiot investors just star this one billion in debt in the face and act like it doesn't even exist. I have never seen a group of people who were bigger #$%$ in my life. If you can't figure out that LEE is a joke, then you are hopeless.

      Good day! I hope you go broke and your families abandon all of you. You losers had the nerve to jump up and down a few months ago when this pig popped up to $1.70 or so. You were told that Buffett would NEVER buy shares. And it turned out he didn't.

      For you losers to think that Buffett would ever buy shares was laughable. You are all the lowest #$%$ of the earth. Haha.

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