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  • alanr1030 alanr1030 Oct 21, 2008 10:53 AM Flag

    Shorts on this Board

    With so many great shorting opportunities in other stocks, you have to wonder about the shorts on this board. For example, I shorted some oil companies late yesterday as these stocks all had huge gains. I even added to my short position after hours as some stock prices rose higher. I also started a position in SDS late yesterday and the verdict is still out on this.

    But why would you short ATVI when they are beginning to release their highly anticipated games? Why would you risk your cash on a gamble that the positive previews were inaccurate???? Why would you attempt to fight the hype that will precede the release of these games? Why would you disregard the majority of analysts who believe that ATVI is the best positioned game publisher going forward?

    Good luck to all longs. The next few months will be very profitable in my view.

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    • "Good luck to all longs. The next few months will be very profitable in my view. "


    • I shoudla made a killing with SKF a few times, been trading it too much rather than holding on. As much as I am pesamistic with this market SKF at 168-170 is kind of expensive, but it's easily able to top 200 if we crash another 5% in the markets.
      Right now the next key resistance point for the DOW is around 7,650, that is our last leg to stand on. We Break that and who knows where we head. Either way i like ATVI at these levels and wanan load up and hold, however i keep selling when i make the profits

    • Oh, and I'm betting you bought into SFK around 2:45pm or so...? tough call right there if that was the case! :)

    • That stinks, but being up overall is never a bad thing! :) I'm wondering if we're going to end up opening gapped down Monday. Nobody is buying in, and nobody is worried about covering their shorts over the weekend. Kinda makes me think the overall thought is that nobody is worried about gapping UP being a problem come Monday. Perhaps keeping a few shares in SFK over the weekend might not be a bad idea? Just my 2 cents. :)

    • END OF DAY CRAZYNESS!!! Lost my quick profit from ATVI on another trade with skf, lol!! ARRGG, still up 700 bucks for the day. I'm tired of getting back in after making nice profits just to loose em. Why does this game have to be so addicting.

      Account fluctuated lots today, from a loss of 3k to a profit, can't be upset with that, hope you all had a successful day

    • Kinda surprised how stagnant we are at the end of the day here. No big sell off or huge short covering rally. Almost reminds me of days long ago, like August. :) Calm before the storm perhaps?

    • sold at 11.85 @ 2:35

      if it dips back to the mid 11's i will possibly load back up, will keep ya informed

    • been trading this all day, GL double champ, i'll continue to take it to the bank, picked up again at 11.52

    • I find the fact it got back to yesterday's close price interesting too, but probably for the opposite reason of you... you can pretty much draw a straight line through a chart going back to Oct 7th, which puts you at $12.50, which is pretty much right where we bounced off of on the high today. Also, anytime this does break through resistance, it almost seems to perfect bounce off and go right back under its 20 day moving average. Today's trading range looks practically perfect in regards to bouncing off the downward trend line at $11 and resistance at $12.50. It actually almost looks too perfect. :)

      Looks like $12.50 is resistance level right now, with $13.50 or so being the next resistance level up. Down direction wise, $10.30ish looks to be support for now. I need to figure out if and how you can insert charts into the messages here. I'd love to hear some other constructive opinions on this if anyone out there follows charts also.

    • that's not gonna happen ya tard

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