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  • R_Mendez88 R_Mendez88 Dec 5, 2009 6:24 PM Flag

    Chart very bearish short-term. WSJ news link....

    Why doesn't anyone mention how bearish the chart is setting itself up for? I see only pumping posts here. I was thinking of getting into this stock but with all the pumping going on I think I will steer clear.
    Almost every single indicator is pointing down. The money-flow, the RSI below 50 pointing down, the MACD below 0 crossing UNDER the average line point down, the Aroon signaling a downtrend, the accumulation line pointing down, and most of all, above average SELLING volume. Why is everyone so positive here? The market always knows and right now it doesn't even want this stock.
    On top of that, massive put buying for $11 strike price.......this might see low 10's soon. Apparently everyone is betting this drops below $11 and stays there:

    I think I'll wait to buy around $10 Betting against the market never works out.

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    • have you ever been to rehab? your posts remind me of a meth addict for some reason.

    • falls to $8

    • Hey, so far I'm right, huh?
      Don't be mad because you're holding a dropping stock that could've been avoided easily.

    • dpcatlett Dec 8, 2009 4:11 PM Flag

      Price performance has been obviouisly weak for sometime. I thought the big sales news would have turned the tech indicators around already (even with the board directors exercizing their options). I think patients is the key.
      Every research agency that I regularly check still rates ATVI an outperform or buy except Marketedge which is technically based.

      Two just don't rate ATVI, at least not since the 12/2007 merger. IMHO, and I wish I could prove it, some institutions are reducing posisions or not adding to long positions until their valuation/risk assessments on the merged ATVI is more certain.

      To me:
      Hold = why bother? Unless you are pretty good with options - "love the one your are with".
      Buy = 10%+ upside within a year.
      Strong buy = I'm probly fooling myself.

      I would rate this a hold based on price performance, but the $2B+ CASH in the bank and ENORMOUS sales news make this a Buy, Buy, Buy at $10 not a bye,bye. Yeah, I'm guessing that it will fall below $10 if news is lackluster in February just because lack of confidence in the stock itself, plus, the general market conditions: jobless recovery, market volume, dollar/gold valuations, possible deflation on the horizon, etc.

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      • TA can be self-fulfilling numb nutz and patterns are formed by criminals like GS using their inside house trading/aka black boxes firing buys and sells etc.

        I can talk up your ass if you want to talk TA. What software do you use? What data source do you use? Do you back test your systems? so on and so forth.

        The plan simple truth is we have being manipuated to the downside since the laughable 18 percent drop in 7 days with zero news. Trying to keep her down ever since. Yes paid bashers exit and yes they are here on this board.

    • hey Mendez/nopal

      Is one of those other tools you mentioned using multiple IDs to troll Yahoo message boards?

      You sound like a very successful businessman. lol

      Please keep posting like you have something to prove to this anonymous board, retard. It might just make it all true someday... right?


      So how's ANOTHER 18 cent drop in the pre-market working for ya?

      Hey btw, all I was saying is a drop was far I'm right, huh bro???? $10.75 as of this posting. But hey, I guess my KOG from $1.12 to 2.53, CAL from $14.179 to $16.25, RDN short from 8.95 down to 5.74-72, IPI from 26.04 to 31.00, SVM short last week from 7.71 to my cover @ 6.55 2 days later, etc etc etc....... were all wrong, huh bro? Yea, those crazy charts are completely worthless......but they make me money. Oh by the way, I also shorted DDR yesterday @ 9.64. Held it all day, might cover on today's dump. I SHOULD'VE shorted this POS turd but I decided to wait to buy on the dip. Should've's and would've's don't make money anyway.

      Cool story, bro but I'll stick to making money instead of holding turds about to get flushed the way you do. Keep holding! It might come back eventually. Ohh I have a new nickname for you. I'm gonna call you "deadmoney". LOL See you @ $10, bro.

    • Best not wait too long!

    • Don't kill the messenger. He's stating his thoughtful analysis, we have ours. Time will tell which is right..If you believe like I do that ATVI will have strong earnings and that it will be bought up prior to earnings, that's all you need to know. Pre-orders and good sales so far have me convinced it will bat it out of the park.

    • Aren't we all waiting for a run up on earnings? If the chart is bearish short term, I interpret that to mean up until the earnings run up. If stocks do repeat behavior, ATVI has had the same dynamic before just prior to earnings.

    • Studies show that all the tech analysis together works about 50% of the time-(a coin flip- this coming from an MBA in Finance with 10+ years on Wall Street before I went independent) it simply is just another tool- I can show you just as many reasons to buy, but in the end it probably matters more what the people holding the most chips decide to do.

      The reason it got hit on Friday was a result of the 30% drop of TTWO - who is run poorly and basically a one trick pony. They missed and made some dumb announcements- they will get pushed back because of their status as a buyout target.

      If your in love with tech analysis do more research on reliability. If you still love it, good luck- every dog has his day.

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      • Every dog has his day, sure......but years?

        Up 825% from last year's portfolio playing penny stocks. Are you going to tell me that penny stocks don't follow charts 50% of the time? Maybe I just got lucky, huh? Same with this year? Yeah......just lucky I guess. The idea that charts only work as good as a flip of a coin is a bunch of dog crap and you know it. You just said it yourself that it's another tool. A tool isn't used for a totally blind 100% coin-toss. It's used in conjunction with news, the market movement, sector behaviours, and more. To say that it's about as reliable as a 50% coin toss is quite ignorant. I'll believe a chart long before I believe a pumper or a basher from any board. Charts are a reflection of people putting their money where their mouths are.......or did you leave wall street because you lost big believing the lip service? Anyway, I'm done here we'll see what happens tomorrow and the next few days/weeks.

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