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  • sly1toyou sly1toyou Apr 17, 2010 3:22 PM Flag

    Kotick, kindley step down

    Bobby, we are both from Long Island, we both have an aggressive strong personality. Difference is you are the head of a huge video gaming company. The mistakes yhou have made in the past few months have to be clear, even to you. Please, I implore you, before EA takes our leadership position, STEP DOWN. Activision is down to Call of Duty and the Blizzard brands. You missed the boat on buying Midway dirt cheap, THQ dirt cheap, even a company like code masters was affordable. But you alieneted everyone by saying that we were going to shove the SOS down everyones throat and they'd like it. Bobby, step down and watch yur company flourish. You have made Activision the bad guy here. Leave the reins to a respected person in the industy and thank God that yo have done as well as you have. All those iterations of Guitar Hero killed it. Listen to the public, you are the bad guy now. Go away or watch your loyal shareholders get F'd. Hurts me to say this. If you would like to chat, I can be reached. Just let me know and I will call your office withy my #.

    If you don't like my post.then it proves how pompous you are. If you want to grow, leave, take a back seat and let the market fal in love with the product. Currently, we have zilch going fo us. Please be aman and Go away.

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    • As a gamer, do you really not pay attention to the studio? In my experience, as an ex hardcore gamer, when a studio I love makes a game, I always buy it. I loved Fallout 2 so anything made by studios incorporating their employees I bought. I loved Knights of the Old Republic so I bought ME1, Jade Empire, etc even though reviews weren't good. Same goes for Blizzard. I loved Diablo 1 and 2, but never played SC or WC, but I bought the games to try them out. Same goes with Microsoft and AoE. I bought a ton of games they made and sequels. Same goes with Sierra and its Civ Games, and Sid Meier games, the GoW games, the Halo games, etc. In general, the only games I buy are made by trusted studios or studios with employees from old trusted studios. Maybe I'm being a bit nearsighted but if word reaches critical mass that IW isn't the old IW, then even a good future game won't sell that well, assuming the consumer is like me. But I also don't consider myself a true gamer anymore and only have time to sample six to ten every year so take that for what its worth.

      tldr: I only buy games from studios I like.

    • You make a good point about Battlefield and West and Zamp's next game but keep in mind that their next game won't be out for a long, long time. Battlefield could potentially steal some of MW's thunder, yes, but that was happening regardless of what happened with IW and it's really contingent on EA's own continued success, not Activision's. Are their concerns? Of course. But that's why the stock is down 5% from it's high.

    • BFBC2 stealing some thunder? are you kidding me?

      BFBC2 sales in a month around 2.9M copies. Which is still less than CoD:MW2 sales in day 1. That includes aggresive BFBC2 promo of $19.99 game with free DLC.

      Oh yea, and if you check VGChartz number, last week (week ending April 10th) CoD:MW2 sales is ahead of BFBC2.

      And VGChartz has been accurate and almost on par with NPD figure.

    • I certainly understand your point but I am incredibly nervous as to whether 1) the next MW will get that kind of praise from the media and 2) the fact that Battlefield 2 has stolen some of MW's thunder, and if this next game isn't spectacular, you have BF3 to deal with, the new Medal of Honor, PLUS possibly the new West and Zamp game looming on the horizon. These are very scary things to the CoD brand's future even come the next iteration of MW.
      Certainly things to worry about, though honestly for me things to worry about post $14 a share at least, because SC2 is going to be a monster.

    • Well this is where you have to be objective as an investor. Assuming MW3 gets made and is released in around 15 months time, do you really believe people will think twice about buying the game if it approaches anywhere near the same level of critical acclaim as MW2? I don't know about you but as a gamer I don't make mental notes telling myself to avoid such and such game in the future just because the quality may or may not be up to par. Rest assured if Activision wins the lawsuit and retains the rights to the franchise you're gonna see another half billion in revenue. IW as it stands right now is dead you're right about that, but IW as a brand is far from dead. If there's one thing this whole fiasco has taught us it's that videogame developers have no sense of allegiance on either side of the fence. Personnel is not the big issue here.

    • Activision can't repair the damage done to the IW name. This is an online game where if even 10% of the people know what's up, 100% do. IW will never again be the IW of the past.

    • Well, SC2 and Cataclysm.

    • ATVI has been successful the last couple of years because of three things - GH (fading fast), Blizzard (nothing to do with Kotick), IW (Kotick driving off talent). Nothing else moves the needle.

      That the other publishers have failed to drive earnings while creating new IP merely highlights the problem of where to derive continued growth from. Taking the company as a whole, yes Blizzard can carry a lot of weight. Taking the part Kotick has been running, it's in decline and he's alienated a lot of people. Poor management IMO. The Vivendi buyout and Blizzard earnings saved his ass.

      I don't think Blur or Singularity will do well at all, and both are very late too which means additional costs.

      Re West and Zampella, they've done it 3/3 with Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Call of Duty, then Modern Warfare which in particular seems to have been an IP they had to fight for against ATVI's wishes who would have milked WW2 to death by now.

      Market research only tells you what people recently liked. We'd never have something like Assassin's Creed or Bioshock based on market research. Chasing market research is part of what drove MWY into the ground.

      "But my main premise of VG industry is that the rebounds starts in March last month. And could continue to beat YoY until EoY imo. Remember, in 2008 we have 29000 titles, in 2009 only 22000 titles. And 2009 VG pretty much sucks!! 2010 looks promising imo, and it is worth the risk! GME, ERTS, ATVI, TTWO all has been beaten down to pretty much 2-3years low. now it's time for the revenge imo."

      Quite possible, yes. Not that any of the sector names are particularly cheap but as this market shows it can buy (or sell) a story over and over and over regardless of valuation, until the story changes. And that story does look promising. ATVI though has nothing of interest in the next 7 months except SC2. For a company this size with a $15BN market cap, that's rather weak.

    • "Activision is down to Call of Duty and the Blizzard brands."

      Actually, Activision is down to Call of Duty. They were acquired by Vivendi and Blizzard is still semi-independent. Imagine if that acquisition never happened, where ATVI would be today with literally everything other than CoD failing. Licensed games, dead. Spidey, poor quality + movie delay. Prototpe, disappointment. Blur, late, and will disappoint due to immense competition including two other racers launching at the same time. Singularity, LOL. GH, fell off a cliff. He has run his own company into the ground and driven off the talent behind the only current success story.

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      • Yeah, this stock's only future atm rides with Blizzard. Thank God he doesn't have sway over them.
        Just in the past few years, we have watched his strategy of focusing on games he can pump out sequels too fall apart. First the Tony Hawk series, then GH, soon CoD.
        Besides somehow managing to run off West and Zampella, he has burned bridges with other big name talent in the industry as well. Tim Shafer remember was making Brutal Legend with Activision, then they get dropped, and then Activision (unsuccessfully) tries to block him from bringing his game out with a different developer.

        At that same time he dropped the Ghostbusters game, which was even more baffling, because it was so far along, and looked at the time promising. Sure enough, that game came out and made money, while Kotick focused on real longshots like DJ Hero and *snicker* Tony Hawk Ride.

        Let's not forget he also ran off the creators of GH and gave that franchise to the studio that had been developing the Tony Hawk games. The former went on to innovate and create Rock Band, the better of the 2 franchises, and GH had to copy them to keep up, and now it's another dying series.

        How with this huge history of bad publicity do top talents feel about making their breakthrough new games with Activision? Earlier there was a post about the videogame industry not being like the movie industry, and gamers not caring about who is making the games, but that is just flat wrong. Talent is now and has always been the most important thing in the industry. Look at Miyamoto, at all the games he is responsible for creating. West and Zampella created the Call of Duty franchise, made it better than the Medal of Honor series, and now CoD is the big dog, with the Infinity Ward studio games outselling the other CoD titles even by a hefty margin.

        So here we are, with a CEO whose strategy is to go forward with titles that he can churn out sequels to every year, who has said inflammatory marks in public about his own employees, who has run off some major talents, and probably has other major talents thinking hard before working with ATVI when they can more easily work with EA with their EA partners program.

        So Bobby, explain to your shareholders how you plan to come up with more of these great titles so successful that they merit sequels year after year, despite all you have done so far?

        This stock is a buy going forward solely because of Blizzard, and if ever it becomes apparent that this out of touch CEO has a meddling hand in their affairs, I am out, and so should all of you be.

    • Hi, Bobby here. You sound like you really know what you are talking about. Give me your # and let's do lunch. I'd really like to learn from you.

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