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  • Sobekk Sobekk Apr 14, 2011 10:37 PM Flag

    I finally gave in and sold half my shares I held for 2 years with no profit.

    Such a frustrating stock. Number 1 games, no debt and a stock that refuses to hit 13.

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    • I'm right there with ya. Haven't sold yet, but it is frustrating, seeing this POS manipulated for 3yrs, I suppose I will continue to hold until $12.50, sooner or later it will hit that price. $12.50 is an easy worth/per share to be taken private. To bad Vivendi basically will end up owning so much the price will probably NEVER move and this will be come a stagnant public p.o.s. company owned by a bunch of assinigne butholes, who will only benefit from the cashflow, and not have to worry about liabilities...FU-ATVI!!! Dikxs

    • I envy you. I held atvi for 2 years and made no money. I still have a few hundred shares. I just don't know how to time the market to buy and sell to make money.

    • Taxes are somewhat brutal. Not as bad as when I day traded, where I would do about 350-400 trades a year. WIth this strategy its about 40-50 trades a year, so not too bad and I make more a year than I did day trading.

      20K is definately enough to do my strategy. I started with about 5k, maybe 8 years ago. Now I can comfortably sell 250 ATVI option call contracts a month that nets me about 4-6K a month (obviously depending on month, situation, timing etc). I'm not rich by any means, but my strategy allows me to sleep at night and manage my portfolio with ease. When I day traded, it was a train wreck. I still made more than I lost, but wasn't easy, at least wasn't for me.

      My ultimate dream is to be able to sell a 1-2K contracts of a particular security per month and be able to just sit by the pool and monitor stocks. Maybe one day.

    • Smart strategy. I have 13 stocks now. I have always considered buying and selling but I could only play with about 20k or so. Some of my stuff I just want to hold long term. How does all the selling mess with your taxes at the end of the year?

      Perhaps when I reach a 100k or about I will trade a few stocks. I don't think trading with 20-25k is worth it.

      I have lots of ge, t, pfe that I am tempted to dump. Perhaps I will throw more into qcom.


    • hey long time friend! havent seen you post in a while! thanks man!

    • lol...another one of these posts....maybe you should read my post earlier. Has 23 haters that responded, you should find it a few posts down.

      No revenue growth = no stock growth. Manipulation? sure, its easy to manipulate anything that doesn't have catalysts to move it higher.

      Who cares if it has #1 hits? Pitbull just released a #1 hit with Jennifer Lopez, but his sales this quarter aren't greater than last years..they are about the same.

      You need to learn to differentiate growth revenue and sustained revenue. Unfortunately ATVi sits on sustained revenue. As an entertainment company, a #1 hit needs to replace last years #1 hit just to stay even. It needs two #1 hits in order to move up, unless it had two #1 hits last year. Why can't half of you <insert> get that?

      And no i'm not bearish on the stock, as a matter of a fact about 48% of my portfolio is ATVI stock in which I sell calls against my position almost every month.

      Regarding you dumping your dumped at the wrong time. As I mentioned in another post, ATVi right now is setup perfectly to move higher, all technicals have turned bullish. I would have at least waited for 11.50!

      Good luck with your trades!

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