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  • dcpelvis dcpelvis Nov 21, 2012 11:04 AM Flag

    Time to own

    Jobber, clearly you're new to this stock. Its been rangebound for the last 3 yrs. Hopefully you're right and it gets a bump next week, but then its time to sell when/if it hits 12. I might be out at 11.75 to be safe.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • I owned this during last years big COD bump and it did shoot up plenty, but those were unprecedented numbers. My fear this year is that the market now expects COD to set sales records year after year and as such it is somewhat priced in at this point. I still see them getting a bump from a large amount of sales, but not as big as we would hope.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • So ATVI BO sales $500,000,000 on Wednesday, XBOX sales 750,000 consoles on black Friday (CODBOII black Friday sales not reported), and this morning James S. Holbrook Jr. states that sales appear to be slowing. Special Black Ops Care Packages flying off shelves at $300 each. What a bunch of numbskulls. No wonder they can't keep a good client. 100 years of trash talk is what they are know for, nothing else. Founder George Ward is rolling in his grave over this analogy. This is the best indication you’ll get to buy.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Still holding on for any announcements. Can't believe that there has not been a $1B announcement. MSFT announced they sold 750,000 consoles on black Friday. Expect that the #1 game would be purchased with a high percentage of those new consoles.

    • I expect the stock to close above 11.75 on Friday. What is your downside risk if you hold it until Monday morning and sell into the news?

    • Still standing by for the $1B announcement and the pop. Maybe today?

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      • $1B has come and gone with no pop. Last year they popped to around $14 on great COD sales. At this point investors expect COD to out sell year after year and are less impressed with it. I love the company and their products, but as an investor I had to get out when I did.

        I'm now looking at playing this range they have in options if I can find something attractive. Buying and holding this will do nothing for you but go up and down between 10-12 and pay you a small dividend.

        Sentiment: Sell

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