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  • the_invisible_hand2010 the_invisible_hand2010 Jul 16, 2012 2:36 AM Flag

    Why no options?

    The Teucrium corn fund (CORN) has them--why not beans (SOYB)?

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    • Offering options are up to the option exchanges (like CBOE). On Friday I was looking at the volume for ' CORN'__friday had 423K vs 100K average. The volume for 'SOYB' was 66K vs 16K average and get this 'WEAT' was 3.7K vs 6.3K (a media exclaimed drought yet WEAT has lesser than average volume). Interesting because CORN and SOYB had a 4X multiple of average volume. The more diversified 'PowerShares DB Agriculture [DBA]' had 1,006,764 vs. 907,980 average volume.

      The Teucrium ETFs (CORN, SOYB, WEAT etc.) have not been around that long. Checking historical prices 'CORN' dates back to 6/9/10. SOYB to 9/21/11. SOYB only has Yahoo reported net assets of 2.44mil. An exchange traded product will be closed out if the asset and volume levels do not grow to an amount to become profitable. If Teucrium cannot develop interest fin this offering during a drought hmmmn/

      Again these were not designed as speculative vehicles since they are not in the spot market or front month contracts. If you read Teucrium and Powershares commodity ETFs prospectus; they were designed to fulfill an asset allocation function. Offering asset exposure to investors that normally would not have access to commodities; such as, tax deferred and employer trust sponsored accounts.

      Aside from accounts restricted in trading futures; any experienced hedgers and speculators are going to use the efficiency of the futures markets and its derivatives. The best analogy is trying to play an adult game with a child’s approach.

    • I suspect there is not enough volume in this fund.
      I'm jumping in today so beware, everything I buy drops.
      CORN doesn't have a message board, so go figure.

    • Good ? and why no chatter on the message board,I think there's an echo in here....Hello anybody home?

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