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  • trimconnect trimconnect Oct 1, 2012 2:45 PM Flag


    Does anyone know of a company who would be likely to make a buyout offer for CLMT ?

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    • This is a classic roll-up, and a sale somewhere down the road is very likely in my humble opinion. The older generation of CLMT management -- Grube, Fehsenfeld -- did this same thing 20 years ago with a refinery and a large number of gasoline stations in the Midwest -- built it up and then sold out to Marathon.
      I believe that they are doing it again. Creating value by building the company, piece by piece, year by year.
      I don't know when a sale might occur -- they will probably wait for substantially more building to occur, and for the market to be come white hot. But I am convinced that they will sell at some point.
      As for me, I bought in in 2008 and 2009 at very attractive prices and have added to my positions since. I am going to ride this baby for a while longer.
      Good luck to all longs!

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      • You know when the majors decided to get out of refining, you can see who the buyers were. Private Equity was a big buyer. Next, were the strategic buyers, other refiners, and even Delta Airlines and private equity. So the decision of majors led to investors getting in. CLMT and any other refinery company could have the pick, because the assets are always worth more to a user than an investor. So, I see the future as an acquisitive time, with some bigger buyer being interested as they build out the footprint. Or they could just operate and grow organically. Either one is a desirable outlook.

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      • I wasn`t aware of this previous sale, I am curious about what Jennifer & the new blood would have to say concerning this, seems to me they are letting the new blood take the reins. I am sure the old timers would like to retire with riches, probably already have all they need, just my opionion. I hope we all can profit whatever the decision might be, appreciate the heads up.

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    • Looks to me like CLMT is the one doing the buy outs. As of now it is a blessing to be part of this Co. & pray it continues to be, GLTA Longs.

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    • This stock is moving up on EARNINGS. It is probably worth $45, if valued on what it has already done. If someone wanted to buy it, MORE. But I doubt that will happen. The management just needs to keep on keeping on.

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    • clipper1 Oct 1, 2012 3:19 PM Flag

      Bershire Hathaway They could merge it with their Lubrozol

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