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  • skinnyschmatlis skinnyschmatlis Nov 19, 2012 1:29 PM Flag

    Wow! Last week the fiscal cliff, this week a new world

    all that i know, remember, and want to keep in my mind is that the world, financially, almost fell apart, literally in 2008 and 2009. it was so bad, if you believe just about anyone in either party, that FDIC insurance of money in major banks had to be significantly increased. and yet, nothing really serious happened. in fact, in many ways, 4 years later, its business as usual, except for the unemployment rate. homes are still through the roof, restaurants and flights jam packed and coach selling fine leather products hand over fist.

    my point? well, if the sky was falling in 2008, and it may actually have been, and nothing really happened, then i'm not listening to these perennial sky is falling types now. schiff, faber, etc., are all on my ignore list. the truth is that the world economy is MUCH STRONGER than those in media or those who make livings off of bear strategies will let on...

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    • i want to know the answer to this question: what happens to a man and his family when he has 50,000 of equity in his house and has his own business but cannot in any way afford the 20,000 a year in pre-tax dollars for health insurance. could some republican tell me what happens to this guy? why is it that we are the only country in the world where a guy has to worry about losing everything if he or someone in his family gets sick? you know why? because too many people look at this country as a hotel more than a country -- a place that people just pass through and make as much money as they can while here. i personally want national health care. and to all those bananas who go on about how terrible government performance is when it comes to managing things, i'll say this: i never had a letter go lost in the mail, i never had a social security check show up late, i can call the IRS on the phone and talk to someone within 5 minutes, and I HATE THE PRIVATE SECTOR BECAUSE THEY LIVE BY SCREWING US OVER. ever read the fine print on credit cards? ever realize (before it was too late) that you had a LIMIT to the amount that your health care provider will pay out?. think of Time Warner, maybe. every tried to replace a broken remote or cancel HBO? who would you rather run health care, Time Warner or Uncle Sam. I'll be voting for Uncle Sam, thank you. i've had enough of the private sector screwtards. i respect greatly the private sector - its a big part of our country and i wouldn't want to be in a country without one. i myself and all my family has been in the private sector. but i hate dealing with it for the most part and i certainly don't want them anywhere near making decisions about my health care.

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      • Your nuts. "I HATE THE PRIVATE SECTOR BECAUSE THEY LIVE BY SCREWING US OVER." Hate and ignorance won't get you very far in life and your cry of "gimme, gimme, gimme", is self serving. You want government health care for you, but I want to determine my choice for my own health care needs. You want government to tell you what your health care will consist of and when you can and can not get treatments , I would rather do that for my self. You want your neighbors to pay your health care with their taxes, not me I will be responsible for my self. Some people actually take responsibility for them self and don't need a nanny state to get them through life.

      • deklinger said:
        "and your cry of "gimme, gimme, gimme", is self serving."

        fwiw, pal-sy, i'm one of the one percenters and hardly looking for a handout. but i'm also a thinking person who thinks on my own behalf and i don't have to kiss the a8rses of the likes of rush limbaugh or some party like a sheep. i can agree or disagree with whoever i end up agreeing or disagreeing with, BECAUSE I"M INDEPENDENT AND MY OWN MAN. i'm not part of a club with its own insignia and talking points, so stuff it.

        deklinger said:
        " You want government to tell you what your health care will consist of and when you can and can not get treatments , I would rather do that for my self."

        right, like YOU decide what treatments you can get. let me let you in on a closely guarded secret: you dont decide, YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY DOES, and they don't like paying out from their revenue. wake up.

        dekinger said:
        "You want your neighbors to pay your health care with their taxes, not me I will be responsible for my self"

        I want to get rid of the blood sucking insurance companies that are ruining doctors and patients alike and are imposing a middle man cost to my ACTUAL health care costs to the tune of HALF!

        deklinger said:
        "Some people actually take responsibility for them self and don't need a nanny state to get them through life."

        Seriously, get a grip! Some things are better done by the federal government, unless of course you are so brainwashed that you are no longer thinking. Take military, for example. Can you imagine us, as individuals protecting this country? Can you imagine even states tasked with protecting our country? No, we need the federal government. How about the post office? What about roads? Without the federal government, we'd still be tapping tiny nails into the soles of shoes!

        That's not to say that the federal government doesn't need to be lean -- only a fool would say otherwise. But it is even more foolish to think that the federal government has no place at all. That is whacky thinking.

        There is a reason why every other civilized country on the face of the planet has nationalized - FREE - health care and the reason is NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE A GENIUS.

        And i bet you love your medicare too, as irony would have it, as do all the tea partiers....

      • trimconnect says "he could try working more hours" blah blah bleh

        well, trimconnect, what if he already works 60 hours? why dont you get off your #$%$ and do a little math and come up with what 60 * $15 * 52 is and see if you have $22,000 extra dollars left over at the end of the year, after food, etc., to pay for health insurance. let's just forget altogether about saving for the kids college.

        and wouldn't you know it! the 22,000 that that guy pays for insurance..., well about half of it DOESNT GO TO PAY FOR ACTUAL SERVICES!!! yes, republicans, believe it. obamacare makes it a law that 85% of each dollar taken in by insurance companies has to go OUT FOR ACTUAL SERVICES.

        whatever, why am i wasting my time.... we need national health care, like every other single country in the world. we can't live in a world where health care is dependent on how much money you have, unless of course, you have the hotel mentality i mentioned in my prior post.

        i'm not for government running much, but jesus, can't we at least pull off health care for all? and for those who don't think we can afford it, let me remind that we are ALREADY PAYING FOR IT, not to mention much more than we have to since uninsured go to emergency rooms and get care anyway that WE indirectly pay for PLUS we would not have to deal with insurance companies sucking and bleeding 50% of every dollar we currently pay. get it?

      • Insurance? Hey, an insurance executive would step across your corpse to pick up a quarter! Just get the shaft once from an insurance company and you will see what they are and what they want. I agree with Skinny, every other industrialized country has a health care system. Except the good old US. I attribute it to the medical, drug and insurance companies owning the congress. Or at least the Republican party. That might be easing a little, but they have their hooks into the Democrats as well. I renew my comparison of today to the Great Depression. Remember those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

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      • HEY THERE SKINNYSCHMATLIS---You have it exactly RIGHT.----I could not have said better--You have MY vote. Thanx.

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    • Trouble is, keep abusing anything and it will turn on you, or die. Either way, we all lose. Those in power and control cannot keep doing things the same wasteful and abusive ways and expect no severe global consequences, and all of us 1st worlders live our lives as though there will not be any so we don't demand change to relieve those abuses in order to have a better, healthier, safer place permanently. That is the real human tragedy. We can help it, but we don't.

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      • Skinny, you are correct, Social Security is a national retirement system. I know some people need a conspiracy theory to justify their position, just watch FOX and they will inform you of every supposed theory, like it was the end of America as we know it. Some people are easily confused because they want to believe the worst. I would say that I have been more on the Republican side than not, but I could not take the absolutely ridiculous narrative that they were running on. I think the Republicans SHOULD be in the penalty box for years to come with the way they left the economy in 2008! That is what happened in the Great Depression and should happen here too!

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    • and much more resiliant, for that matter

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      • no_mercy1 Nov 19, 2012 2:13 PM Flag

        Well you better start getting a handle on what this means to everyone who has an IRA or 401K. Don't you people ever read what congress is up to? A NATIONAL RETIREMENT SYSTEM is going to be implemented and everyone who works will be REQUIRED to contribute to it.

        excerpt from Seniorcounsel
        ... Obama will fight hard to impose his vision of a new "National Retirement
        System" in which ordinary Americans are forced to turn over their private
        retirement savings to the federal government in return for a
        government-controlled annuity.

        An annuity means your account gets confiscated by government at death,
        rather than becoming part of your estate. It also means you got nothing in
        return if you die before the government mandated retirement age.

        Yep. Change you can believe in

      • think what you want, but i trust obama a lot more with my money than ryan romney, i can tell you that. those bozos want to take your ira money and let you hand it over to the likes of goldman sachs and play the market with it. apparently, i'm not alone. it turns out that romney got trounced worse than mccain did. i'm not an obama fan, but i'm so tired of the republican nonsense. as for a force retirement system, we already have one and its called social security. and, fwiw, your personal retirement savings are already regulated. try taking it out prematurely and see what happens. in short, you will have more money at the end of the day with obama unless 1) you are a multi-millionaire or 2) you make a living fleecing the middle class.

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