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  • skinnyschmatlis skinnyschmatlis Nov 28, 2012 11:17 AM Flag

    Wow! Last week the fiscal cliff, this week a new world

    deklinger said:
    "and your cry of "gimme, gimme, gimme", is self serving."

    fwiw, pal-sy, i'm one of the one percenters and hardly looking for a handout. but i'm also a thinking person who thinks on my own behalf and i don't have to kiss the a8rses of the likes of rush limbaugh or some party like a sheep. i can agree or disagree with whoever i end up agreeing or disagreeing with, BECAUSE I"M INDEPENDENT AND MY OWN MAN. i'm not part of a club with its own insignia and talking points, so stuff it.

    deklinger said:
    " You want government to tell you what your health care will consist of and when you can and can not get treatments , I would rather do that for my self."

    right, like YOU decide what treatments you can get. let me let you in on a closely guarded secret: you dont decide, YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY DOES, and they don't like paying out from their revenue. wake up.

    dekinger said:
    "You want your neighbors to pay your health care with their taxes, not me I will be responsible for my self"

    I want to get rid of the blood sucking insurance companies that are ruining doctors and patients alike and are imposing a middle man cost to my ACTUAL health care costs to the tune of HALF!

    deklinger said:
    "Some people actually take responsibility for them self and don't need a nanny state to get them through life."

    Seriously, get a grip! Some things are better done by the federal government, unless of course you are so brainwashed that you are no longer thinking. Take military, for example. Can you imagine us, as individuals protecting this country? Can you imagine even states tasked with protecting our country? No, we need the federal government. How about the post office? What about roads? Without the federal government, we'd still be tapping tiny nails into the soles of shoes!

    That's not to say that the federal government doesn't need to be lean -- only a fool would say otherwise. But it is even more foolish to think that the federal government has no place at all. That is whacky thinking.

    There is a reason why every other civilized country on the face of the planet has nationalized - FREE - health care and the reason is NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE A GENIUS.

    And i bet you love your medicare too, as irony would have it, as do all the tea partiers....

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