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  • bobbobwhite bobbobwhite Nov 19, 2012 10:30 AM Flag

    Wow! Last week the fiscal cliff, this week a new world

    See how Wall Street now influences/controls all things money? Last week America was in dire straights, but this week all is peachy keen. How about just a tiny a bit of reality once in a while, please Wall Street and Washington?

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    • Skinny, you have it right. I would add that, the constant carping over class warfare is ridiculous. It is a talking point but not a reasonable one because the middle class has already lost the war, and did not even know it was being waged. If you study history and by no means am I am historian, but we are paralleling the Great Depression. I think you will find when income equality moves to the extremes it is now, that is a recipe for economic upheaval. We function best when everyone has a chance to get ahead. Income inequality was similar in 1929 to what it was in 2008. No the deck is stacked and it needs to be reshuffled over time. Even the criticism of Obama is similar to FDR.
      No we have some work to do and it does not include lowering taxes on the rich. And I will probably get hit because I own commercial real estate and have for some time and when I sell I need a strategy like exchanges if they make the cut. But I am doing some things like investing in solar to run a business I own. Costs down still have incentives and utilities gouging.....

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    • no_mercy1 Nov 19, 2012 11:30 AM Flag

      Be careful here. The fiscal cliff is still coming and whether it affects stocks or medicare payments to doctors, it is still serious.

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      • No mercy, keep up the sky is falling, the sky is falling. In reality the sky is always falling, but what does that have to do with making money. Shall we hide our heads and lament what has already happened or shall we move on and fix things? I am in the move on crowd. I happen to think a case can always be made for hiding out. So what, history shows hiding out is hardly profitable and never a long term solution. So hide out and worry all you want! Not me, I reject your ideas. CLMT is heading to $40!

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