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  • richardleeds richardleeds Jan 24, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

    Sell CLMT, buy CVRR LP

    I just purchased CVRR LP. The largest unit holder with $100 million of units, Carl Icahn said the distribution for the next year should total 19% at a price of $25. Better to sell CLMT and own CVRR. The unit price will rise as investors run for the yield on this one. Do your own due diligence as Carl Icahn is wrong 25% of the time, but on 75% of his investments he makes a killing.

    This year he purchased Netflix when no one wanted it and now he has a 100% profit in less than a year on his Netflix holding.

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    • Ahh hahaha very funny.
      FIRST, don't come onto a board and tell them to sell a company they believe in only to buy your stuff.
      Second CVRR is still in the dilution process. A 24M float turned into a 27.6M float and counting. If you look on their website which is now up, praise the Lord, 147M units are issued and outstanding. The prospectus also states they don't have to pay a dividend each q and depending on maintenance needs it could be sharply reduced.
      LASTLY I would point to Icahn's ownership is a mere 4M units. Now looking at what's to be paid, seems to me (providing they have no more dilution) it will amount to 1.04$/share per Q. $115M/27.6Munits = $4.16 a share per year. First payment 60days after 3/30/2013 So..........

      and please don't mention Netflix. That is a thorn in my side. I was right there in front of my computer and didn't buy it @56/share. After the news broke about carl taking a position and the stock was at 100 I started watching Netflix and I watch it more than my DISH. We laugh and ask what's that box for ~ looking at the 93$/month DISH box. I'm now always on Netflix paying 8.50 for streaming only. And they have their own original series out now. It's great "House of Cards". Who knew Netflix was going to produce their own stuff? Ugh !!!!

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    • Investors, just remember, Carl Icahn bought 4 million shares of CVRR LP and the guy is worth what $12 billion dollars. He is right about investing than all the posters on this board combined.

    • I see CVI and that has gone up tremendously( no divy)...CVRR has only traded for a week or so. I must check out another finance sight. I have had EPD, ETP, KMP, SDRL, EPB for about 2 and just bought some shares of CLMT....

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    • Man! No way would I trade this POS(ition) for CVRR!

    • I looked into this, Carl Icahn has definitely proved himself to be a good manager, looks interesting, but I wouldn`t sell CLMT just to buy CVRR, maybe buy 100 shares just to get my feet wet. Like to here opinions of others as they look into it.

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