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  • jaime9_2000 jaime9_2000 Feb 14, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    Motley Fool?

    Anybody else read that silly article that says that the "wheels are coming off" for CLMT? It acknowledged that we beat revs by about $20 million.
    With regard to EPS, they had an article that stated that analysts were expecting .62. The earnings came in at .$73, but they're claiming the adjusted EPS was $.60. Therefore, we "whiffed" on earnings.

    Um, Motley Fool, you might notice that CLMT units are up almost a buck since earnings, and that mgmt stated in its CC that it's exploring new opportunites. Not bad for a company whose wheels are coming off.

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    • jaime:
      I did read t

      hat article. I wonder what these guys have against CLMT? I bought CLMT last June. On October 14 Jim Cramer in one of his lightning rounds said sell CLMT, buy LINE. NO EXPLANATION . DID NOT TAKE HIS ADVICE. Since October 14 through February 15 CLMT has Returned plus $8.39 in Growth and Dividends. Line has returned minus $3.10 in Growth and Dividends. These so-called experts advice is no better than our own due diligence.
      St. Michael

    • Taking a look at the author's holdings tells you pretty much all you need to know. Apparent little regard to dividend growers, and a lot of exposure to small caps, turnaround plays, and some foreign names, many of which I have never heard of. He may be a great trader, but yikes! Not for me. If I want to be on a roller coaster, I'll find an amusement park.

    • I made my fisrt buy-in on January 8th of this year @ $31.33..looking at the current pps, my wheels are rolling along just fine, up 14% in a month. The MDU deal is a winner, considering buying a piece of MDU also. CLMT will be a star to my portfolio.

    • Great commentary. I thoroughly enjoyed your effort.

    • Yeah I saw it. I laughed, with the S&P consenus of PT32. I have the S&P report w/Ameritrade. It's 39 so ..... a fool and his money will soon be parted. CLMT CVRR and how'd ya like that GNC. Bought HBI @ 36 sold @ 40~ so far above the 10day it's is the stratosphere. Bought GNC @ 36 and holding till $47. NEVER selling CLMT or CVRR. What to do after GNC? Maybe DDD. Thoughts anyone on something 1 month from now? No I can't put it in a divided stock, I want this 10% of my portfolio for MAD money. Maybe HBI will come down. Oh wells, Europes back. buffet confirmed this with HNZ purchase, citing "global growth, especially EUROPE".
      oh I so want it to be FRIDAY. Happy Valentines to all you lovers out there.

    • Fool in the name is no accident!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This site lost all credibilty during the mid 2000's bull market. For insights to companies I am investigationg or currently own, Seeking Alpha is far more useful.

      Sentiment: Hold

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