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  • jepscribe54 jepscribe54 Oct 20, 2013 11:36 PM Flag

    Transparency by Management sadly lacking , leading one to believe there is a hidden agenda .


    Last quarter we saw some unusual behavior by CLMT Mgmt . Just about a week before they were to release earning , they raised the dividend albeit .005 cents . The point is , they knew earnings for the quarter were going to come in at extremely poor levels of performance , why in the world would they raise the dividend , if not to cause the stock price to inflate, like all is well and good at the company. Moreover, the excuse for such depressed earnings were poorly explained , in particular a refinery being down, how could one refinery wreak such habits and why did the management not pre announce the negative impact of this down time. This is what they are suppose to do to gain invested confidence . Obviously , on the following days after earning announcement , shares were dumped like hot potatoes by the institutions , I believe trading daily trading in these shares doubled to over 1 million units . Let's see what next weeks quarterly numbers reflect , if they are still below historical trends , it will confirm the disconnect by Management in not per announcing issues facing the company and the financial impact , including safety of the dividends .

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    • management explained everything. Aren't you paying attention? The refiner being down was for half th quarter, and the expense of these RIN expenses was a lot higher than previous quarters( another Govertment boondoogl by enviormental wackos). The bad quarter was a temporary thing and them raising the dividend was an act of good faith.

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    • Oh we will see!! Too bad for you that the stock is moving higher!!

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    • I hope the raise in the dividend was simply to keep their "raise the dividend" string going. I think it reflects the fact that they believe the conditions that caused their under performance for the quarter are only temporary and they didn't want to ruin the "raise the divy string" that they have going over a temporary speed bump. As far as "to warn" -or- "not to warn" on the quarter, at the end of the day that doesn't change the numbers. They are what they are. I really don't see it as a lack of transparency because they didn't. They apparently cater to long term investors vice traders who are looking for a pop on earnings day. To an investor, warning or not warning is pretty much a moot point. To a trader playing an earnings announcement , it can be a disaster getting caught in a gap down. When I was trading, I always liked to find stocks bottoming on a downswing about 5 to 7 bars in front of their earnings date then sell them the day before the earnings release. They usually show strength in front of the release and waiting to within 5 to 7 days to take a position usually gets you out of the "surprise warnings" window. Key word here is "USUALLY". Nothing is 100%.

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