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  • montanakid2000 montanakid2000 Apr 28, 2014 12:58 PM Flag

    Company Tax proceedures?

    My CPA made me sell BX a year ago because of the late tax info. Does CLMT have the same procedure as BX? I am a dividend investor almost exclusively.

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    • Your CPA is the only one that is going to make money if you pay him/her for investment advice. The "pros" are jokes. Invest in a sector/company that you know. Invest in an area that you know something about. Could be real estate, could be fashion, could be cosmetics, could be sports equipment.. You are an expert in some field. Ball is in your court!

    • I've got seven MLP's and they all produced K-1s before March 15 this year. Even EPD came through early this year for a change. In the past, they sent them out around 01 April. Still, that gives you a couple weeks to get it done. Now that it can be done on line, I don't mind doing the 100 or so pages!

    • It seems that most of the mlp's k-1 come out around mid to late march

    • I don't know what you (or your CPA) considers "late". I have never owned BX, but my clients have owned other investment banking MLPs like KKR and they were always really late - sometimes into September. So I assume BX was in that category.

      CLMT has never gone past April 15. I don't recall the exact date that CLMT's K-1 was issued this past year, but it certainly wasn't one of the last ones that I was waiting for - I think GLP was the last. I think CLMT's K-1 came out mid March, but it certainly out before April 1.

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