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  • velcrokid velcrokid Nov 16, 2003 2:16 PM Flag

    No one here is SMART ENOUGH!!


    tO UNDERSTAND THAT THE STOCK MKT AS A WHOLE SHOULD BE THOUSANDS OF POINTS LOWER !!....aND NOT ONE OF YOU CAN FIND OUT ANYTHING ABOUT vELCRO.......A couple of young greedy mkt mkrs are the only sign of life for Velcro.....they have had it so good for so long ,because the large investors[funds] that own millions of shares.........knowing they can't get out aren't in the mkt ,the co. and insiders controlling 82 % aren't either, co. executives have NO options [ever]..........I have offered a $1000 to any professional....that can show me an equal value antwhere in the undeveloped stock mkts around the world [ignored mkts]........any co. in any industry with such a huge discount to realistic VALUE as Velcro.........None EVER were able too, meanwhile the stock climbed to $210 from 19.........keep in mind when I was a broker I had NASDAQ helping me, keeping the mkt mkrs yrs past they would drop the price $5/share [ie bidding say $40..$40.50 asked].......then some stupid broker would enter a SELL at mkt..2000 shares........100 would go @ 40.......200 @39.25........300@ 38.75.........200 @37......300 2 36.50........500 @35.75........500 @ 34..........10 mintutes later the bid would be back at $40........the USA bulletin brd OTC and has been for 40yrs the "DIRTEST MKT" in the world...........when commissions were FIXED .it was the best in the world ..........institutional investors RUINED it by getting lower commissions.......for 75 yrs we had "white shoe" [same family and friends]brokers always giving the small investor a break.[all 40yrs or older]...........then firms hired young college,lawyers,and economists..................having little or NO knowledge whats -so-ever of the stock students were shocked to learn in the history of United States, in ALL fifty states there are less than one co. still in business for every thousand incoporated from day one .....................BUY VELCF THIS EXTREME VALUE...none better..and SHORT KSS ,FAST,SPLS,KRON,TRMB and opinion

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    • I was on the floor laughing reading your post and the post from the Velcro Kid. LOL.

    • First off, I'm referring to the stock and demand for their product. I don't argue the fact that rice burners may be better built or better handling. I do know that you have to wait 3-6 months during good economic times to receive one after purchase. I'm not challenging anyone of the handling of candy ass crotch rockets. I'm sur they handle better. My observance through a gift I was given of COMMEN SENSE says that the economy will be better in 2004 after a fairly long recession. Target market for these bikes is no longer the long haired, tatooed,gun loving freak with a WW1 German soldiers helmet with a spike out the top. It's Lawyers, doctors and Indian chiefs whom like expensive toys. American icon toys. As soon as people's portfolios start inflating like they were sprinkled with viagra, these guys will be in line for their hogs. If they want cheap rice burning crotch rockets they would buy them now. Econ 101 , "replacement goods". There really arn't any for a classic American, yes AMERICAN Harley. Sometime you have to use your noggin when investing. It won't just always bite your ass. Tiffany will go up as well as Harley!!! Watch. It really is common sense.

    • zzr-stephen Nov 24, 2003 7:52 PM Flag

      Harley, Well I think Americans are going to wake up to the fact that there being ripped off. tHE ONLY REASON THAT Harley is where its at is the Dumbing Down of Most People---Now look. Harleys, can not corner, can not stop vary good, and have no power at all!! and People like sheep stand in line to spend twice the money to say I have a Harley look at me and see how STUPID I am, Im just like you just a copy cat not really knowing myself and having no direction but Im BAD, that is in my head!. Now look at Harley and see how much they have you fooled, now look at the new v rod and look at Harley, look what they say AMERICAN---Bull Shit---they could not even build it had to go to Germany, Check it out and when I have to go to Japan to really buy a good machine don,t say anything to me when your driving a G machine. I would buy a Harley If they could make a good motorcycle but you know already they always come in last in everything they do. One thing there really good in and that is fooling (YOU). Wake Up. Ask me if could but the stock!?. FZI.

    • What does Coca Cola have to do with FMT? Is FMT financing Harleys? Put your opinions on those stocks on their message boards

    • You got a one product company. I don't know what the patent protections are anymore but it's a question I would ask. Don't know where the growth will come from to make anyone pay attention to this company. Don't think any one would want to take over this company if patents are going to run out.

    • You are scaring the hell out of us. LOL

      Did I read the avg. volume right on velcf. 2200 shares a day? looks good otherwise. Doesn't look like much of interest to wall street though.

    • No one here LIKES TO BE YELLED AT, EITHER!!!!


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