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  • guster0 guster0 Feb 25, 2013 5:12 PM Flag

    Hopefully by Friday the news will break about the sale of Archstone

    Then we wait for news about our future!
    Still no earnings or in our case LOSS (10K) JUST ODD if nothing is going to happen here.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Are you really here still hoping this tiger is going to change its stripes?
      These guys have had years to show what they can do--and they've shown it. Unfortunately, hey have shown over and over and over that they ride the short bus to school. There is no way they are going to change who they are. People who aren't capable just don't wake up one day capable. Not going to happen. The only chance here is that Zel's group has taken over behind the scenes and is now running this thing. It's possible but a long shot. I say possible because the only thing that exceeds the incompetence of current management is their greed. If Zel's people came in and told current management that they are now either "yes" men and can ride this thing to $4 a share or there's the door, there's a chance. With as much stock as current management has given itself in gifts and options, they just might be ready to be "yes" men. I give that chance 10%.