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  • aeronchampagne aeronchampagne Aug 5, 2009 1:52 PM Flag

    Stock will hit mid 2's tomorrow

    Amazing that you post a message to quell the irrational exuberence and people think you are short.

    I have had as many as 8300 shares and now hold 2500. Sold 2700 today to cut my exposure in half. I have been in and out numerous times, always maintaining a minimum core holding of 2500 shares. I have no problem selling at 3.05 and buying back at 3.25 if the news is good.

    I truly hate earnings releases because of the volatility, not knowing how expectations will impact the price after the release. Once the earning are out, we are then trading on news that everyone knows which makes it a lot easier.

    I just don't see huge numbers for this quarter. For one the first month was not ramped up. Then once they ramped up production, they are probably paying a bunch in overtime which will keep the earnings from exploding.

    Realistic target of 5 by year end if results and projections are good.

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    • Its not whether you like the stock or not its the stupidity of your post. You quite plainly said that the stock will hit the mid 2's tomorrow. Only a fool would hold onto somthing that he knows is going to drop 20% in one day. Why would you not take 3.05 to 3.08 a share right now and buy back in the mid 2's tomorrow? The sad fact is that you own zero shares right now. Come on, we know, you can admit it. Or else you are the dumbest person on earth for not selling now when you seem to be certain it will be in the mid 2's tomorrow. If you're going to make things up you should at least think them out before posting it.

      Then you post this gem.

      "I have no problem selling at 3.05 and buying back at 3.25 if the news is good."

      So you're admitting that the statement that the stock will hit the mid 2's tomorrow could be far far off base. Thats not how your message headline reads. Give it up and admit you made a big mistake on this stock.

    • HaHaHa....

      Overtime aye???

      Newbie poster is a playa!

      The PPS has not even bolted above the upper bollinger band yet.

      LMAO @ you.

      It's the calm before the storm Mr. Champagne drinker. The price is consolidated at the 3 line. This is where the gap above will want to be filling into (probably won't even this low of a fill though).

      Gather ye rosebuds whilst ye may. Methinks you'll be re-buying above $3.25 because you need a lesson in patience, and perhaps even technical analysis.

      Bring on the earnings!

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