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  • bleskithepolak bleskithepolak Oct 28, 2009 9:02 AM Flag

    This is a $6 Stock

    In 2009/early 2010 this stock is worth $6 based on sales/pe etc.. My hunch is that after the swine flu season settles down and mask sales drop to historic levels it will be a $3 stock next fall. It will then grow as far as the building wrap segment will take it.

    For now, the money on this stock has already been made. It was a great run with little risk - now lets go find another one.

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    • Will it get back to 6, or will the scenario defined in the original post come to pass?

    • Once again sir, you are correct. Keep up the good work.

    • Yep, it is the high six's that is but not for long from the looks of it.

    • It seems to be doing very well for a $6 stock :)

    • Thanks Vegas,

      I will research your recommendation

    • It's amazing, i was not aware of the potential before or after the earnings report. I just knew the price had risen "700 %" and i could not chance a sell off, so i sold all prior to the news. I even sold short in AH when i saw the hard sell off, only to be under water when the price reversed. (ouch !) Did manage to cover in the morning for a small loss.
      I traded some today with limited success, but your comments will have me purchase a core position and trade on the dips.

      Do you still have my e-mail, if you do could you shoot me off a test.

      Steve in Chi

    • You better wake up and smell the coffee. This stock does not need hype. It is worth at least a P/E of 40 on this year's earnings estimate. Al Millar says revenues will double in 2010....that would be about 120M in revenue....a mile above what the analyst shows at 72.5M.

      Yes, you better wake up and smell the coffee soon, IMO. I can say I'll buy your shares at $6 because I did add a lot to my cheaper shares bought a while back. I added yesterday in the upper 5s. I will be adding more. So, my money is where my mouth is.

      All of this is my opinion but the numbers make this one about as straigtforward as you get. Name me ONE other stock in the universe of stocks growing as fast as APT in this market. And don't say it's all the flu. For crying out loud, the building part grew over 40% sequentially from the 2nd to 3rd quarter....that's SEQUENTIALLY!

      I usually don't get animated...but drop the extreme conservatism. What price do you hope to shake some poor guy out at so you can TAKE his/her shares? IF you sold your stock already, appreciate your profit, but don't stoop to trying to take shares from others. And, yes, this post is blunt but I assume you read the same report I read and that you heard the same CC I heard. If you did, you cannot come to the conclusion you are expressing here.

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      • one other thing....don't you think the analyst is reworking his numbers about no? There were others on the CC too. If you were the analyst and just realized your projections of growth were way too conservative, what would you do with your price target?

        There were a good number of folks asking questions on the calls...some potentially new analysts for APT. Based on what they heard, what would be their likely position if they start coverage?

        I wonder what the stock price will do if we do get some adjustment to the expectations....and additional coverage on the stock?? The CC says adjustments are warranted, IMO.

    • On the money

    • I've found one!

      It has no debt, plenty of cash on hand, they posted 10 cents last quarter and 12 cents EPS this quarter. They are projecting to post 21 cents next quarter due to a booming business market which they believe will be buoyant for the next 2-5 years. They also have another business segment which has been increasing revenue at a pace of $1.5 million for last 3 quarters (+ 1.5 cents EPS each quarter) and they project this business segment to continue growing at this pace for the next 3-4 years. And best of all, this stock can be bought today for just $6 a share.

      Are you interested?

    • Nice bash. But Wrong.

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