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  • aeronchampagne aeronchampagne Nov 2, 2009 3:22 PM Flag

    If the swine flu mutates, APT goes to $30

    Come On. In your heart, you hope it mutates so you can make more money. As long as you or none of your family or friends get killed it will be fine.

    I made my money on this stock - 14K, but I sold because of valuation. Also, at this point, the only thing that will drive it higher is for more people to get sick, and I couldn't root for that.

    I despise people who root for something as awful as what this disease could become just so they can make money.

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    • If you made $14k on this stock someone was on the losing end...god I hate people who exploit other people in the stock market!!!!!! You're a fucking phony who sold too early and now you're bitter. Bottom line is if these masks help people survive Swine Flu AND I can still make money that's great. In the mean time go get fucked you phony bastard.

    • Get it straight. Most like myself are hoping that the H1N1 pandemic is contained and eliminated.

      I would be a sorry SOB if I wished to profit on others death and misery.

      The fact of the matter I feel good about investing in a company that is playing a great role by providing good products for the betterment of humanity. Masks, protective clothing, innovative building materials, pet beds and the like.

      You won't find me investing in tobacco companies!

    • Then you don't despise me, for that at least, because that's not what I am rooting for. As a matter of fact my family just experienced the flu -- quite possibly the swine flu -- and I would not wish it on anyone.

      I am in this company as an investment. BTW, there are plenty of companies that I could have made a buck on that I refuse to based on principal.

    • "In your heart, you hope it mutates... "
      >>> You are not listening. If I think it will not mutate and if I think there are no other further prosepects for APT growth, then I will sell, simple. Why is that so difficult for you to comprehend?

      "... but I sold because of valuation"
      >>> You obviously do not value APT very highly.

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